The Internet is all set for a major upgrade on June 6, 2012 and its about switching over to IPv6 from current IPv4 networks.

IPv6 has been tested last year (June 2011) and the switching process happening on June 6 won’t be noticeable if everything goes alright. Almost all the Internet service providers are jointly ready for the switch-over this week, however the entire upgrade process across the globe might even take few years to finish.

June 6, will be known as IPv6 day.

Why do we need IPv6 upgrade?

In simple words – an upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6 means large availability of IP addresses across the globe.

Every day – new Internet connections, new smartphones, new gadgets, new websites are coming up & to have their own Internet address, we would need lot many more IP addresses to allot to each of them. IPv6 will allow us trillions of new IP numbers than IPv4 which offers only 4 billion.

Imagine it this way – not having enough phone numbers for allotment to each new user in the future.

But, is it worth it & much needed?

Of course it is! If we fall short of IP addresses on IPv4 – we would require to share IP addresses with the neighbor and this would slow down the Internet speed!

In an effort to get IPv6 ready – all of the Internet service providers have made the provision for shifting over to it including the web hosting companies.

There are more than seven billion people in the world as of today and IPv4 will not allow to have own Internet address for each gadget they own. According to recent reports – we would require average 2.5 IP addresses per user in another few days and shifting on to a next-generation IPV6 protocol is much needed.

Despite the fact that it is very much needed in India due to its population size & growth in tech industry , Indian authorities are not enthusiastic for this upgrade yet. Also, is the case with South Korea. User mentality and services infrastructure could be the main reason behind this lag.

What do we have to do in this upgrade?

  • Our service providers should get IPv6 running on their DNS servers for our connection.
  • We might need to upgrade our software & hardware to support IPv6 protocol if it isn’t already.
  • Including – Modems, Routers, OS & Modem Firmware
  • However, most of the recent systems do support IPv6 including Windows XP. You can read how to install IPv6 on Windows XP here.

Are you ready for the upgrade?

To know whether your device & your ISP is ready for the IPv6 or not – you can simply Test IPv6 connection here.

If you or your ISP is not yet ready for the IPv6 protocol – you may not be able to browse some of the IPv6 only websites or application services over the Internet.

Test IPv6 connection

What is IPv6 Connectivity?

Where can I know more about IPv6 protocol?

IPv6 is a large concept and writing everything about it is impossible in the scope of this article. There are several websites you can read about it. See the list below.

This article you’re reading now, is already on IPv6 protocol through CloudFlare.

Are you ready yet for the IPv6? 🙂



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