Samsung very recently announced Galaxy S3 in London, then launched it in India couple of days ago. Also, Samsung Galaxy S3 is due for release in US on June 20th and well before its released all over the world – the company offers its source code through its Open Source Release Center.

Samsung Galaxy S3 features a top-notch hardware along with largely customized Android ICS. Releasing the source code would give plenty of opportunities to the developers and ROM-modders to get their hands dirty by adding more creativity to the ROM.

This open source code includes files for all four variants released so far including GT-I9300, GT-I9300_MEA, GT-I9300_SEA, GT-I9300_SWA.

You can download it from here.

This also shows, releasing a source code for the mobile OS does not really have any impact with its sales in the market since it is based on open-source Android. May be it would only help make things even better (if any) for the handset (hardware) owners. How much? – only time would tell.

I think, this move from the company has a lot meaning ahead of Apple’s WWDC starting from June 11.
I see a silent card unfolding here!

What say?



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