Things are not happening at its best for the Taiwanese company, HTC – one of the first to make Windows and Android smartphones. Microsoft has asked them to stop working on development of Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft – is for the first time getting their Windows OS on ARM chips & the company is not in a mood to experiment with HTC – saying (from undisclosed sources), they’re not making or selling enough tablets (HTC Flyer) which could enough describe their skills in the segment.

HTC’s stock prices are dropped almost 67 percent in last week as the company has already projected 13 percent drop in sales for the second quarter as reported by Bloomberg. Microsoft barring HTC from making Windows 8 tablets will only add more rough edges in tough times.

However, HTC will continue manufacturing the Windows 8 tablets in second round of devices with the newer OS next year when things would seem to be settled down for Microsoft on its Windows 8 tablets.

HTC’s decision on promoting Android powered handsets and then Microsoft’s deal with Nokia last year have led to relationship issues between the two companies and that seems to continue further more.

Microsoft has already forced a contract with Android device manufacturers such as HTC to pay $5 and Samsung to pay $15 per handset sold in the market and yet continue producing Windows Mobile handsets.

HTC already has about 8 Windows Mobile handsets being sold in the market now and their market share is about 2 percent.

Decline in timely supply from Qualcomm, Samsung’s rise in popularity, Apple’s continued growth and now Microsoft’s strict approach on deploying Windows on ARM devices – all these things are not making things any easy for HTC.

On the other hand – new HTC ONE series of smartphones are getting very good reviews from around the world and it’s pricing is appearing to be more lucrative to users after seeing Samsung S3 price.

Lets see how things turn out for them in days to come. Do share your views through comments and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for the latest updates.


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