Adobe recently  released the Lightroom Mobile app for the Android devices. It’s  a companion app to the popular Lightroom 5 for desktop. It was first released for iPhone & the iPad but, it was missing a link with the growing number of Android users but finally, the wait is over. You can also read the official announcement here.

Lightroom Mobile offers powerful editing, organizing & sharing capabilities to your photos from anywhere, anytime. It’s available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, although the download for Android phones is free & can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile requires users to have Lightroom 5.4 or higher to work in sync & must have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription or Creative Cloud Photography subscription, which is available for $9.99 per month (Rs. 499 for India)

With the powerful cloud sync architecture, Lightroom for mobile lets us manage, edit images across Desktop, mobile devices & the web app efficiently. Having a Creative Cloud subscription offers an access to exclusive photography-class workflows across all devices.

What can you do with Lightroom Mobile

  • Access images in your catalog
  • Select or reject unwanted photos
  • Apply resets
  • Fine tune your images using basic editing panel
  • Import new images from your photo gallery

Lightroom Mobile

How does it work?

Once you tell Lightroom a collection of photos to be sent over to the mobile device, it will then automatically start the process as soon as you connect to the Internet & all your photos will be available on your Android device.

Any changes that you make to these photos on Android will be kept in sync & the  collection will be updated for use in Lightroom for desktop. Lightroom for mobile uses Smart Previews to give a raw editing ability on-the-go. These previews are based on the following:

  • DNG file format
  • 2560 pixel limitation on the long side
  • Smaller version of the actual raw files
  • Hence uses fewer resources while making adjustments to a Copy of the raw files
  • These changes can then be applied to the original files when possible next

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Before you begin

Make sure, you have an updated version of the Adobe Lightroom. You can check for updates on your Creative Cloud app & navigate to “Help > Check for updates” menu & install the latest version on your desktop.

Then, go to Google Play store & download Lightroom Mobile app for your Android device. It supports Android Jellybean, Kitkat & Lollipop versions of the OS with 1GB RAM & at least 1.7 GHz quad-core processor.

Hope you like the Lightroom Mobile. Let us know your thoughts or buzz me if you have any questions.


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