Nasa to launch Bitcoins on Moon: The Full Story

NASA had recently launched a graphic stating to launch Bitcoin on the moon. Last year as well, NASA had posted a curious job advertisement with a preference for knowledge on Cryptocurrency. This was an event that left everyone puzzled and few even raised questions like “Is NASA looking for trade deals with aliens”. However, all such theories have been put to rest.

The Bitcoin story

The Bitcoin story is related to an initiative NASA has been working on The NASA Energy. In simple terms, it is a renewable energy cloud service which offers you a simple way to purchase cubic power. Hence, you need to undergo the complex procedures in procuring renewable energy through means like wind systems, solar energy, biogas, geothermal sources, etc. Moreover, energy data centers that generate and deliver services to end-users are also another feature of the NASA energy plan.

NASA in addition to the above services has started a cryptocurrency earning service that rewards you. The process is quite easy and does not need you to have a Ph.D. in Cryptocurrency. You start generating revenue as soon as you complete your payment for the cubic power. Your earnings depend on 2 factors-the blockchain payment mode and the bitcoin service you opted for. The earnings will either be in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum as they are the most commonly used Cryptocurrencies available.

Naturally, people might find NASA incorporating Bitcoins into this project as kind of strange but it is a well-thought move. Bitcoins just like other cryptocurrencies are a sort of decentralized platform. This decentralization has many advantages like removing the middle man(Banks) from financial transactions. As a result, it is much easier and safer to make payments. And unless you are a super skilled hacker, there is no way around Bitcoins.

The current situation of COVID 19 has reminded us once again why decentralization is the way to go. The use of physical exchange of money has resulted in Global Trade being in a state of standstill. This will have serious repercussions on the World Economy and as a result, to avoid such issues in the future NASA is taking the right step by moving onto Bitcoins for their enthusiastic venture.

The focus on Renewable Energy was a much-needed initiative considering the damage already in the environment. Much of the non-renewable energy sources are fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas. While these have served mankind well until now, they are not the future. First of all, they are on the verge of exhaustion. If things go like the way they are for a couple of decades, we might not have sufficient petroleum for future generations. Also, pollution is another big matter.

Terms like Global Warming, Ozone Layer Depletion are becoming increasingly popular among the population and that is not necessarily a good thing. NASA has been increasingly concerned about the Ozone layer degradation which could result in UV rays reaching the earth and causing serious harm to human beings. The average temperature of the earth is rising and the burning of fossil fuels is contributing immensely to the factor. Gases released from automobiles after the combustion of fuels contain a lot of carbon dioxide which traps heat. As a result, the earth is slowly witnessing climate change, the effects of which will only be seen in the future.

NASA has claimed that more than 25 Billion dollars have been invested in Renewable Energy already. This is a bright start and one that must continue. The advantage that Renewable energy currently has is that Renewable energy is getting more efficient and cheaper while contributing almost no damage to the environment. NASA lets you invest in the Solar Energy, Hydro, Wind, and Biomass sector as well. Currently, the Private Sector owns more than 90 percent share in the Renewable energy sector and consequently they will be charging a higher price for their services. Nasa might offer a more user-centric option in that regard.

Renewable Energy is essential if we are to remain within the limits of sustainability of the planet. NASA’s Energy Plan is here to provide a good and straightforward option to invest to save the planet.


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