Everyone is trying something different to ‘stand-out’  in product design as well as buying such products . This applies to your home or office interior and appliances too. One of the very common appliance / gadget is Music System and Speakers.

iPods, Smarphones (and USB devices) have changed the way music systems used to be. But speakers were not hugely different in shape instead of just some kind of a box And I am very sure we are getting bored with box-shaped speakers.

Wouldn’t you like to have speakers in different shape?

Corentin Dombrecht and Rokko Miyoshi designed a unique shape of loud speakers that most of you would definitely like, a Megaphone. In 1954, TOA Corporation developed the EM-202, the world’s first electric megaphone.

What are these new Megaphones?

These ‘Megaphones’ appear to be conventional types but they are actually a well designed speakers.

One of the ideas behind the Megaphones was to bring ‘nobility’ to the object by replacing the cheap electronics with hi-fi components. Also the plastic surface is changed to wood still maintaining an iconic shape. This product looks unique and has a distinct quality and the craftsmanship.

New Megaphone Design

Materials and Details

These Megaphones are made of FSC-Certified Wood and has an output of 2 x 60W RMS

  • Unfinished wooden feel to the unique shape with stand is a plus. Great for people who wish to have something different in their homes / office.
  • More work needs to be done for stands to look finished.
  • Netted cover to the speakers would be great.
  • Wireless and Volume buttons would be added advantage.

These Megaphone speakers will be featured in Milan for the Design Week (12 April – 17 April 2011) at the Belgium is Design exhibition

It is one of the inspiring product designs and waiting to see such more. I have no clue from where we can buy these speakers at the moment.

Get in touch with Corentin Dombrecht to find out more. Didn’t you like it? Do send in your comments.


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