When was the last time you felt good about Nokia? Well, for me it was today morning when I heard – Nokia announced their N9 smartphone in Nokia Connection event in Singapore.

Today before this news, I asked one of my friends, “Why are you not using Android based handset instead of Nokia E7?” But then within an hour or so I heard about Nokia N9 and I thought I should ask him again rather to wait until this phone new is launched.

The best part is, it uses MeeGo – a open source Linux operating system for smartphones. And some surprises too.

It is not the first time that Nokia is using a Linux distribution for their phones. They used Maemo in N900.  It is surprising to see Nokia announcing the next such a unique featured phone with MeeGo after having a deal with Microsoft for using Windows Mobile as an OS. I wonder if Nokia too fell down for using WM7 for their phones! If yes, then what was the point of the deal?

What made me feel Nokia N9 is a special phone? Lets see

Nokia N9 Mobile OS – MeeGo

MeeGo is an open source, Linux project which brings together the Moblin project, headed up by Intel, and Maemo, by Nokia, into a single open source activity. MeeGo integrates the experience and skills of two significant development ecosystems, versed in communications and computing technologies. The MeeGo project believes these two pillars form the technical foundations for next generation platforms and usages in the mobile and device platforms space.

Nokia N9 Features

Nokia N9 consist of the regular smartphone features like 3G, WiFi, Audio-Video playback, USB, Bluetooth etc but there are few notable features of interest.

  1. All the navigation on this phone can be done with a simple swipe gesture of a finger
  2. App to home screen with a swipe
  3. There are no front-facing buttons provided on a phone’s body. The world’s first pure touch phone without a button (Not even to go to home like iPhone)
  4. This gives full screen usage to the product & apps.
  5. Very advanced interface design
  6. Three home screens. Each one is dedicated for 1] Application icons 2] Notifications including emails, social network, missed calls etc 3] Multi-tasking screen to jump to open or recently opened apps list
  7. One piece uni-body design
  8. Super-fast 1Ghz processor with 1024 MB RAM
  9. Large 3.9″ glass AMOLED laminated display (854×480)
  10. Curved glass display makes it easy to swipe fingers with no air gap and anti-glare polarized
  11. Available in three colors – Black,Cyan & Magenta (I don’t understand why have they used these colors? It’s not a car)
  12. 16 GB & 64 GB internal storage (Similar to iPhone & Samsung Galaxy S II)
  13. 8MP camera with dual LED flash
  14. Carl Zeiss super wide 28mm lens (Nothing can be better than this. Really)
  15. Great low light performance with large lens aperture (f/2.2)
  16. 720p HD video recording @30fps & true 16:9 resolution photos
  17. Photos or videos can be shared easily on Flickr and Facebook
  18. Second camera for video calls
  19. Fast Internet browser with WebKit 2 technology with HTML 5 support (Like Safari, Google Chrome)
  20. Latest maps with voice guided turn-by-turn navigation for walking and driving.
  21. The dedicated Drive app is optimized for in-car use
  22. Public transport routing in 85 cities means you can find the quickest route on foot or by tram, metro or train.
  23. Discover nearby café, shops, hotels etc all marked along the way. (Like, Google Places integrated on Maps)
  24. Dolby headphones and Dolby Digital Plus support makes this the world’s first phone with personal surround sound (Wow!)
  25. NFC enabled. Making it easy to share anything to anyone near you.
  26. Integrated social networking like Facebook and Twitter

And much more

Nokia N9 Video


This is the first phone I liked from Nokia after many years. This is a kind of innovation they should have done years ago. I am glad to see Nokia have finally woke up on the situation after closing down Symbian Foundation and attempting something which we can call “Truly unique & smart phone”

Nokia N9 is not yet launched in the markets and hence is not available in shops. You can visit Nokia website to get notified about its availability.

What do you think about this phone?



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