Official: It is Microsoft Skype from today onwards!

I followed this news when it was more of a rumor then a sourced information then the official declaration. Yes. Officially, today Microsoft acquired Skype for whooping $8.5 billion with an official statement Microsoft wants to make life easier for billions of people’ 🙂

Skype (Founded in 2003) is now a division of Microsoft and will be known as ‘Microsoft Skype’

Since Microsoft got a new CEO Mr. Steve Ballmer, it was expected to see a major gear shifting from them including, all new design of Windows – connecting with Nokia – changing BlackBerry’s default search engine to ‘Bing’ and now – taking over one of most popular Internet telephony company.

I never thought that Skype will let Microsoft acquire them entirely, I was hoping for more of a collaboration which Microsoft did in last few months with other companies. But my doubts got cleared when I happened to read a blog post by Skype CEO Tony Bates.

I believe this acquisition is the very best way to extend Skype’s reach and will allow us to bring real-time video and voice communications to more people around the world than ever before. The combination of Skype and Microsoft will directly benefit all of you who use Skype by ushering in a new era of generative ways for everyone to communicate.

What I love most about this company are the people who have made Skype a verb. Not only the team here at Skype and our partners, but everyone like you who uses Skype every day – you are the people who have made Skype what it is.

Once the acquisition is complete, Skype will operate as a new business division of Microsoft, and I look forward to working with the team as president of Microsoft Skype to write the next chapter of the Skype story. Onwards!


By paying $8.5 billion, Microsoft only looks like making life easy for Skype investors who invested $2.75 billion in Skype only eighteen months ago based on its valuation and user base of 23 million. Skype investors have earned 3 times their money in a short time span.

Microsoft, on the other hand looked desperate in acquiring Skype because returns on this investment are unsure for the huge price of $8.5 billion.

Skype has already began annoying its users. I went to their blog to find out an official statement. Instead, I saw a post with ‘Press Conference live video feed’. I got excited, clicked it only to see this:

Official: It is Microsoft Skype from today onwards!

And want to know what I did? I closed that window.


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