Private Domain Registration – For Those Concerned About Privacy

Whenever you register a public domain, a ton of your private information is exposed around-the-clock. People can find your first and last name, address, e-mail address and even your phone number – everything’s published online for the public to see. There’s a solution for people who don’t want to be so out in the open: private domain registration.

When you choose this option, such as private domain registration at, the public information isn’t yours – it’s the company’s. The domain name, which it’s registered through and date created are the same, but the contact information is for the proxy, not you. That doesn’t change what you can do with your domain, though. You still have the ability to cancel, renew, sell or transfer the domain. You can also set up name servers, resolve any disputes and handle domain e-mails – after all, the domain is still yours!

What if you don’t mind that your personal information is so public? Consider this: domain registration information is often mined to collect e-mail addresses for spam mail. If you’re already receiving an overwhelming amount of junk in your inbox every day, setting up a private domain name could help cut down on the mess. Some domain name hosts have added a validation requirement to prevent such searches, but not every host has.

Keep in mind that it’s required that you provide your personal information when registering a domain – there’s no way to get a domain without providing your address and phone number, among other information.

Some business owners find themselves harassed by e-mails or phone calls, a problem that could be prevented if their personal contact information wasn’t public. For many people, the only solution is private domain registration.

Ideally, you want to choose a private domain provider who takes privacy very seriously. Some low quality companies are easily convinced to still dole out a domain owner’s personal information. Other reliable companies, though, go through the necessary steps to protect their clients, even hosting, domain names offshore to offer the up more protection. Also, a quality company will protect the owner’s organization name as well as their contact information.

Please note that as of March 2005, owners of domain names that end with .us cannot keep their information private, according to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

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