Prediction on Displays for Bigger iPhone, Apple HDTV and iWatch (Upcoming Product Lineup)

Apple is not known for any significant innovations in the last one and half years’ time. Before that, they were emphasizing on providing better displays on their products. No surprise here, they definitely were first in doing many things such as; bringing 300 ppi density displays to Smartphones & laptops, QXGA resolution on a tablet PC or integrating cover glass into product design and many other occurrences during last three decades.

However; fast-moving tech world, the rapid growth in the use of smart phone & other mobile devices – Apple seems to be adopting at a slower speed than what other manufacturing companies like Samsung – with Samsung Galaxy Round and LG have put up on display.

Other gadget companies are successfully selling 5 and 6 inch HD displays since last two years or so, while Apple still decided to stay with 4 inch display going ahead – even for iPhone 5S and 5C.


Prediction for coming year

Display Search, one of the reputed supply chain predicated that – Apple will rely on display technology to bring next major upgrades into the market. Not just that, they’re also making some strong predictions over unseen products.

According to the predictions – Apple will be releasing larger 4.7” & 5.7” iPhone 6, 9.7 inch iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display within next 7 months or so. See detailed table below:


Product Name Screen (Display Resolution) Possible Release Date
iPhone 6
  • 4.7” (1280×720)
  • 5.7” (1920×1080)
iPad 5
  • 9.7” (2048×1536) Slim bezel
New iPad
  • 12.9” (2732×2048)
iPad Mini 2
  • 7.9” (2048×1536)
MacBook Air (New)
  • 12” (2304×1440); low power consumption
Apple HDTV
  • 55” (4Kx2K) 120Hz LCD
  • 65” (4Kx2K) 120Hz LCD
  • 1.3” / 1.63” (320×320); Flexible AMOLED


Prior to iOS 6 – Apple was limited on providing multiple device sizes but later, through iOS 6 SDK they introduced Auto Layout feature which allowed them to bring devices with different sizes yet make things easy for app developers.

However, moving on to higher resolutions and larger screens is not as easy as changing the glass. Beneath it, these displays also need equally good GPU & robust OS to support it.

64bit iOS 7, latest A7 processor & M7 GPU is probably the company’s new foundation for the upcoming year ahead.

Samsung, on the other hand – is definitely making many devices, but looking this new iWatch’s possible release date, I think Apple played a nice game with Samsung to push Galaxy Gear in a hurry. May be? No wonder Microsoft is also planning to enter with iWatch-like device.

New Apple HDTV Curved Screen Concept

Here are the concept renders of possibly the most beautiful Apple HDTV. These images are not new, but it’s worth having a look. As mentioned in the above table, Apple will be releasing two sizes, 55 inches & 65 inches for HDTV powered with iOS 7 or upcoming iOS 8.




Well… all said and done, this new product lineup for 2014 from Apple looks exciting enough for any fanboy. In any case, haters will always be haters. Are you excited about these new devices?


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