Product Photography - How to take Instagram Worthy Product Shots

Instagram has become a great tool not only for large businesses but for small businesses to promote their products and services. And, if you are a manufacturer, you would know the importance of displaying a product that would showcase its features and make it appealing for customers to buy the product. Here are some tips for you to successfully take photos and post them on Instagram. 

Get the right camera

A good DSLR is one of the first things you would need to take good product photography shots. With many point-and-shoot cameras, you cannot adjust the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed in the camera. These settings are important if you want to make your photos look professional.

Apart from a camera, it is important to have a relevant lens too. If you use a wide-angle lens to take product photos, your photographs will look distorted. Use a lens that would give a realistic view of your product, and that can be usually achieved by a medium telephoto lens. 

A tripod is a must

Stability for a product photograph is critical as it is usually taken with artificial lights. And to maintain high quality, a photographer has to use low ISO. Low ISO means that the shutter speed will also become less, and therefore the chances of getting blurry images get high.

A tripod will help you in getting sharp images. Hand-held shooting for a long time gets difficult, even in daylight, and would, therefore, lead to shaky images. Aperture is another factor that has an effect on stability for a photograph. When you use an aperture with a large depth of field to keep more of the product sharp, you need more light and less shutter speed to compensate for the loss in light. 

Don’t forget the backdrop:

A good background can enhance the product and give an overall visual appeal in the photo. For an e-commerce website, you need a photo with a white background. And, for getting a pure white photo; you need to start by using white materials like cloth, paper, etc. in the background.

You can use a lightbox if you don’t want many reflections in your product and to make the light soft. Also, use a sweeping background so that the edges of the background is not seen in the photos. For shoot other than e-commerce, you need to use creative backdrops that compliment the products and bring a viewer’s attention to it. 

Use appropriate lighting

Lighting is one of the most difficult things for a beginner photographer will have to face. Good photography lighting can transform your photos from something appealing to something mind-blowing. If you are photographing your product in natural light, you need to place your product near a well-lit window. Use a white reflected on the opposite side to reflect the light and minimize shadows. Notice the effect of light and change the angles of your product from where it looks more appealing.

If you are using artificial light, you have to follow the same broad principles which you use while doing a shoot in natural light. You need to check the intensity and quality of light when you are using artificial lights and mold it according to the look you want. 

Edit it as per your vision

Although it is advisable to get as close to the final vision in the camera as possible. But it is usually quite difficult to attain. This is made easy by photo editing apps and software like Photoshop. Like, to get a pure white background, it is easier to remove the background in Photoshop than to get it through artificial or natural light. And a product photographer needs to fix a lot of things in post-production, making it an essential part of the photography process. 

Instagram has further improved its shopping experience on the platform with the introduction of checkout on Instagram. Users now don’t have to leave the platform to complete the purchase. This will further push businesses to promote their products on the giant platform owned by Facebook. This would mean businesses have to present their products beautifully by doing professional photography and enticing the users to buy their products.

Being the visual platform, Instagram requires you to photograph the product in a way that it stands out and makes the viewer stop to see it. It pushes you to be creative and constantly rethink the way in which you do product photography. We hope these product photography tips for Instagram would help you with this.