A Brief History of Entertainment Technology Progress

Entertainment technology has become a booming industry in recent years with a number of key factors changing the way that we consume media in all its forms. But how has this allowed the entertainment industry to move forward? In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that technological advancements have changed the entertainment industry for the better. 

1960’s – The Invention Of The Touchscreen 

1960’s – The Invention Of The Touchscreen 

The first finger-driven touch screen is considered by many to be invented by E.A. Johnson in 1965 making this one of the biggest changes to technology as well as the way that we interact with modern-day machinery. Though this was only for use in air traffic control at this time, the touch screen has since become a key part of the media industry and has revolutionized smartphones, tablets and the media industry as a whole. With the release of the first touch screen phone in 1992, there was an onslaught of mobile devices as well as the creation of the tablet computer that paved the way for a new wave of gaming and entertainment. 

This has not only helped to modernize and expand the entertainment industry, but it has also helped to improve daily routine and maintain a number of elements to have. Touchscreens have also helped to revolutionize the mobile phone industry in recent years with touch screen phones allowing for the development of new applications. Every area of our lives now has an app. 

Communication applications started another revolution, allowing us to be more connected with anything that we have no physical connection with. Getting in touch with somebody from your childhood via any of online messaging platforms, playing online video games with a host of remote people or simply taking a chance in favour of your team’s winning odds in an instant mobile-focused experience and this way communicating your support, are all examples of the next-generation communication, very much dependent on a touch screen.

1968 – Augmented Reality

Though the term augmented reality was coined in 1990 by Tom Caudell, with the first working augmented reality system not being created until 1992 by Louis Rosenburg, it was in 1968 that this technology was first invented by Ivan Sutherland a Harvard University Professor. Though this was only basic at the time, this form of technology was then tried and tested for a number of years. 

Since its first implementation all those years ago, many companies have tried and failed to create the perfect augmented reality platform, until 2016. With the ultimate success of Pokémon Go released in July of that year, AR technology had seemingly broken into the modern-day gaming and entertainment industry. However, its implementation did not stop there. Since the success of Pokémon Go, there have been a number of other applications such as Wizards Unite and Minecraft Earth that have used AR technology to bring their worlds to life, thus changing the gaming industry and its capabilities for the better. 

Augmented reality also opens up possibilities to better business presentations and provide a 3D model of what you need to produce. Whether this is on a computer or on an iPad, this can help to streamline the business process and provide new insight into your business model over time. Though this will need to be designed by a developer from your company, this could be the equipment that businesses need to get ahead. 

1976 – Present Motion Controls

Though the Nintendo Wii is largely accredited for being the first console to fully rely on motion controls, it was actually Sega in 1976 that was one of the first implement this technology. With a boxing title released on early Sega consoles, it was the movement of punching that lead to your character moving. This has revolutionized entertainment for the better not only for gaming but also for gesture controls on devices such as mobile phones, drones, and televisions.

Though this is still in the early stages of implementation outside of the gaming industry, there have been a number of games consoles that have since taken this technology and made it their own. With the PlayStation move and Kinect camera, motion gaming has gained popularity and become a household name in recent years. 

1990’s – Virtual Reality Gaming 

Ivan Sutherland was one of the first to provide us with VR headsets and this subsequently revolutionized the way that we consume media. Whether this is a VR headset for fully immersive YouTube videos or to trade on the forex market in a new and immersive way VR is becoming a popular way of consuming media. 

Though a number of VR implemented technology is only in the beginning stages, this is set to revolutionize gaming, as well as training for competitions, medicine, and even the education sector. Though this will take time to achieve, app developers and games companies are creating new technology and software year on year to help streamline a number of a process such as watching television, seeing your route on maps and even virtual business meetings to help streamline the business as a whole. 

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that technology has helped to revolutionize the gaming industry as well as the entertainment industry as a whole. Whether you are a fan of VR, Ar or even modern-day motion controls, there is no denying that each of these technological advancements has changed entertainment technology for the better in the long term.