A few days ago while browsing through various Cydia apps – I stumbled upon a video player. Initially, I overlooked thinking that, there are too many video players offering nothing great & this one won’t be an exception either. But, after having a look the app screen-shots… decided to look further and installed RushPlayer+

Before I begin drafting more information, let’s have little clarity about RushPlayer. This app has two versions:

  1. RushPlayer is available on iTunes App Store
  2. RushPlayer+ is available for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and Nokia Symbian 3.x & Symbian 5.x devices. For iOS devices – this app is hosted on the BigBoss repo.

Difference between RushPlayer & RushPlayer Plus

The version available on the App Store has few limitations such as: Browsing through the device’s file system is not allowed due to Apple’s policy and unavailability of a third-party h.264 video decoder.

The plus version made exclusively for jailbroken devices and for Nokia Symbian devices has, both of the above features. The third-party video decoder offers flawless playback for 720p & 1080p videos.

What’s more in RushPlayer ?

RushPlayer can playback various video formats (such as: .avi, .mkv, .rmvb, .wmv, .mp4) unlike default video player available on iOS and just like VLC, we don’t really need to convert videos into h.264 MP4 every time! Yeah, that takes up lot of time, I know.

This app delivers what it promises it does. An advanced dual-core decoding technology ensures enhanced playback capabilities which other players do not!

I would like you to see the below screen-shots showing playback comparison for one of videos on my device. Lets not under-estimate VLC but, RushPlayer won my vote on this one 🙂

Difference in playback: VLC vs rushPlayer

More features of RushPlayer

Other than just playing back your video files – there are few other things you can do with this app. And those are as follows:

  • Create, manage & edit folders and play-lists on the device itself.
  • Access to the app’s file system from PC or Mac over the WiFi and FTP
  • The app has an extensive list of countries to stream online Radio channels, Music and TV channels.
  • Built-in priority setting to pick best quality or best playback speed (The screenshot shared above is with best playback speed setting)
  • Built-in security settings like – folder password, app password and backup. (Yes, I can imagine why the developers provided this feature for a video player! Any guesses? )
  • Sleep settings
  • Gestures: We can simply slide finger horizontally to seek through the video duration & vertically to increase/decrease volume.
  • Ability to turn-off either of the speakers. I don’t understand why would someone need this! But, yes – you can do this if you want to. 🙂

RushPlayer: Perfect VLC alternative for iPhone, iPad & Nokia

RushPlayer app really impressed me in terms of over all look & highly optimized feel. Browsing through the app settings, video files is really fast and smooth. I am totally impressed by the ON/OFF switch’s design.

How to download & activate RushPlayer?

Well, this one is tricky a little for RushPlayer+, but not much. All you have to do is as follows:

  • Buy, download and install RushPlayer from iTunes App Store. Do this, if you do not have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.
  • If you have a jailbroken iOS device – then simply open Cydia and search for RushPlayer+. Purchase and install it.
  • If you’re using Nokia phone or any other phone with Symbian 3rd gen, Symbian v3 or v5 then simply go to the RushPlayer website to download related .sisx files. You can activate it through the same website after you pay using PayPal.

Video Demo


Just in case you face issue with this app after installation then you can simply email RushPlayer support on or buzz them on Twitter @run2rush

I am their new fan and the app looks like a true alternative to VLC Player for mobile devices. Great work by the developers and best wishes in their future endeavors.

Hope you like it. Do let us know your opinion through comments. Cheers 🙂


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