Here is another example showing how and why smartphones are getting popular! This is a nice little app to get detailed information about each warning sign displayed on the car’s dashboard. It’s nice to see how a mobile phone can really come handy when needed the most. Could this be a reason for you to, now upgrade to smartphones? Why not 🙂

iEngineCheck is a useful little app that helps us understand our car’s dashboard signs & to check engine light. The app does have a long list of car manufacturers, models etc – so that, you can pick your car to explore further. The app is developed by Efraim Dabi.

iEngineCheck is the app for those (someone like me) who always tend to forget details of the dashboard lights, and not for those who thoroughly understand how the car functions. The app serves the purpose of preparing ourselves for any emergency warnings or even when we’re in emergency.

What – Check Engine Light – Means?

Every car’s dashboard displays variety of lit-signs depending upon the situation. Like, if there is a cooling problem with the engine temperature or if the car is running low on fuel or if the safety belts are not tied up properly.

These and other similar signs carry significant importance on driving experience and car’s health issue. Not all of us are automobile PRO and sometimes… we cannot reach to the automobile technician in-time. So, its essential to have know-how information about these signs.

How to use iEngineCheck

It’s very easy. Simply choose the car manufacturer and model. And it will display a list of what engine dashboard warning lights indicate for that particular car model as well as, a possible way(s) to resolve the situation.

Understand Warning Signs on your Car's Dashboard with iEngineCheck App

iEngineCheck can also:

  • Suggests us a solution to resolve an issue related to the warning sign on car’s dashboard.
  • Let us share each dashboard sign description over Email or SMS. Useful if the other person in need does not have an iPhone or this app.
  • Just if you don’t have the car you own listed in the app – you can send those details to the author so that those unlisted car engines can be added in later update.

iEngineCheck Links

iEngineCheck is available on iTunes App Store for free & a $0.99 versions. And it works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad having iOS 3.0 or later

iEnginecheck app for Android is still under development and should be available soon. I shall update you about the same.


Enjoy the app & I am sure it would help you in better understanding your car’s engine and related dashboard signs.

Do share your views through comments.

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