Dual Sim Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 Review

Samsung Mobile launched another Galaxy series phones recently (in addition to the Next Galaxy) in low to middle price range. Samsung has started rolling-out the new models according to the new Galaxy line-up revealed few months ago.

Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS, Ace DUOS and Y Pro DUOS are the new entrants in the family. The best part is, these are the first dual-SIM smartphones with Android OS in the world.

Dual Sim Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 Review

I got an opportunity to get hands-on with the Galaxy Y DUOS and let me assure you – you won’t be disappointed and the phone offers its full money worth.

The package came with Y DUOS phone unit, battery, a Travel Adaptor, White Stereo Headset, Data Cable & a FREE 2GB Micro SD card.

Dual Sim Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 Review

My review about Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102

Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS looks very similar to Galaxy ACE series phone in-terms of form factor and display. The first things you would notice about this phone are: It looks good, it’s very lightweight (109g) and it’s not bulky (just 11mm).

I wouldn’t call it the best display since it offers 262K Colour TFT screen and hence the colors don’t seem as juicy as they look on high-end Samsung phones. Even though this 3.15 inch screen does not have a huge range of color contrast, it does have a very smooth touch response. I could feel the ease of use between this & the older Galaxy ACE phone. Y DUOS probably has best touch screen in any other lower-middle range phones.

Dual Sim Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 Review

Here comes an interesting part which many of you wouldn’t like to miss:

As the name suggests (Samsung used DUOS term for dual-SIM phones), Galaxy Y DUOS is a Hybrid dual-SIM phone – where, we can use voice (from SIM A) & data (from SIM B) at the same time.

This is an essentially nice feature for someone looking for a freedom to choose between best voice plans or best data plans. So, we really don’t need to hunt for the perfect network provider… instead, just pick best two and use this phone & get benefits.

We don’t need to worry about getting MNP request rejected from the providers and no need to worry about the roaming cost, SIM change or carrying two mobile phones if you’re one of those frequent travelers. This works great for someone like me – who prefers having separate phone numbers for my business and personal contacts.

Just pick the best, cost-effective services from two network providers – put those SIMs in Y Duos and you’re good to go. I don’t really need to draft details here about how this phone can be helpful to the young college going students . . do I? 😛

Y Duos Specifications

  • Networks: GSM & 3G for both SIMs
  • Processor: 832MHz
  • OS: Android Gingerbread 2.3.6
  • Battery: 1300 mAh (as good as 1000+ minutes of talk time & a stand-by time of almost 30 days)
  • Camera: 3MP rear camera without flash. (Good quality pictures with various modes, color effects & white balance presets)
  • FM Radio with RDS
  • Polaris Office Suite (For reading & managing MS Office documents)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi and USB
  • External memory: Up to 32GB Micro SD card supported
  • Plenty of video and audio formats supported for playback.
  • And many apps to choose from the Google Play Store.

Stereo headset is not all that great – may be I felt so because personally, I would have liked to have an in-ear headset. The sound quality is very nice, just like other Samsung headsets in the market.

Dual Sim Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 Review

I tried using two SIM cards at the same time – and never thought it would be so easy. Earlier, I used older LG handset with two SIM cards and believe me – it was a task.

The SAR value for this phone is 0.733 W/kg. Which means, it meets the European standards in not exceeding the limits for exposure to radio-frequency (RF). The highest value according to standards is  2.0 W/kg.*

Galaxy Y Duos Price

Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 has a MRP of Rs.10,490/- and the Best Buy price is Rs. 9,450/-. The phone is available for Rs. 8990/- on Flipkart and is available in Black or White colors. Don’t forget to confirm the price from local vendors as sometimes, you get a better deal there.

QWERTY version: Galaxy Y PRO DUOS

Galaxy Y DUOS also comes in another variant with a QWERTY keyboard and that is meant for ‘text masters’. If you’re planning for a BlackBerry device – I would suggest you to go for Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS instead.

Samsung Galaxy Y PRO DUOS GT-B5512 has all the features including 3G, dual SIM, a nice front + rear cameras and is available at much less price of Rs. 9500/- on Flipkart. This could be a better alternative to BlackBerry phone.


Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS has a decent hardware specifications. The camera quality is at-par but, I missed having the camera flash here. 832Mhz processor, 160MB internal memory, 1300mAh battery, up to 32GB external storage support and Hybrid dual-SIM feature makes this phone a very good deal for many of us.

I am sure you would love this phone because its like : Getting more by paying less. It won’t be exaggerating if we say, it’s as good as getting two phones in the price of one.

Do share your views, questions about this phone & I would be more than happy to reply back. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for latest updates.


  1. The only “weakness” that I see on this phone is the 3 MP camera. Otherwise, it’s a great phone that lets users enjoy the services of two different providers.


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