Thursday, July 9, 2020
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iPhone Tweak: Hide Updates from iTunes Store App

Hide Updates From The iTunes Store App On iPhone

Jailbreak tweak to hide app updates and notifications from iTunes Store App on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with Update Hider

iOS 4.3.1 Released: Must Read before you Install, Jailbreak and Unlock

Today, Apple announced an immediate upgrade of their iOS version to 4.3.1. This was an anticipated release to fix some occasional issues / bugs seen...

Things to know about iOS 4.3 before you Install, Jailbreak, Unlock

Safari's improved performance and Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4 are the major features of iOS 4.3. Read to know before you Install, Jailbreak & Unlock
Things you need to know about iPad 2

Few Things to know about iPad 2 before you buy

Apple recently launched iPad 2. Should you buy an iPad 2, Laptop / Notebook or Netbook? Few Things to know about iPad 2 before you buy