Today, Apple announced an immediate upgrade of their iOS version to 4.3.1. This was an anticipated release to fix some occasional issues / bugs seen on devices and to patch holes used for jailbreaking. It is important for people using jailbroken devices and iPhones using Ultrasn0w unlock to stay away from upgrading to this version.

One of the major bugs that seems to be fixed is by activating & connecting to Cellular data connection. Some devices on up to 4.2.1 requires to switch Cellular Data to ON along with switching, Data Roaming to ON and then switching it back to OFF for activating & using GPRS Internet connection.

It also fixed a rare flickering issue appeared on iPod Touch 4G while using an Apple AV adapter. Battery performance is also increased through this software version, but it is not yet confirmed and seen.

If you do not know what iOS 4.3 is then read Things to know about iOS 4.3 before you Install, Jailbreak, Unlock. Should I Install iOS 4.3.1? Can I Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4.3.1? Read ahead for details

Dev Team member @MuscleNerd on twitter also suggested to wait before upgrading to 4.3.1: Unlockers please stay away from today’s iOS 4.3.1! Just to be extra safe, so should future iPad2 jailbreakers (for now)

iOS 4.3.1 Released: Must Read before you Install, Jailbreak and Unlock

In my opinion, these bug fixes and minor improvements do not carry any significance in comparison of smoothly using Untethered Jailbroken iPod, iPad, iPhones and Ultrasn0w Unlock.

Hence it’s better to Wait. Make sure you are saving SHSH blobs as mentioned.

Update #1

Read details: Untethered Jailbreak tools for 4.3.1 is now available.

Hope this helps 🙂


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