iPhone Tweak: Hide Updates from iTunes Store App

Apple provided a nice iTunes Store App to download and install apps right from iPhone. It lists and notifies us if newer version of the installed apps are available. The iTunes Store app displays a long list of applications which you may not want to update in near future. There is no option to remove it from the update list. How to hide this app update notification?

Hide app update notifications

You may want to hide it because the update version is not worth downloading and instead you would want to wait for another version.

If you have downloaded and installed IPAs (version 1) from ‘other’ websites and you do not want to update (version 2) from the iTunes Store app.

What is Update Hider?

This is a jailbreak tweak for iPhones, iPod Touch & iPads that let us hide / ignore update notification under iTunes Store App for available version update. Which means that, this tweak will not hide future versions (logical point).

You can also choose to unhide the version by going into Settings > Update Hider. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Hide / Ignore one app at a time by swiping over the app name

iPhone Tweak: Hide Updates from iTunes Store App

  1. Pull down the updates page to activate radio buttons which then allows to select multiple apps at once to hide.

iPhone Tweak: Hide Updates from iTunes Store App

How to?

Installation is simple. Go to Cydia & search for Update Hider from Bigboss Repo. Install it & restart the Springboard.

Hiding app updates from iTunes Store was only available for jailbroken devices on iOS 4.2 or higher. You’ll need to confirm if the tweak still support iOS 5 to iOS 7 or not.  I am definitely liking this little productive tweak. It was very much-needed.


  1. According to the current app description, this does not support iOS 4.2 and higher, but rather only 4.2. Perhaps when this was written that was the case, but sadly it’s no longer true. I wanted to try this app out, but I’m running 4.3.3.

    • @tom.loiacono You can also disable updates by deleting or renaming the file iTunesMetadata.plist in the corresponding app folder on your device, using a file browser like iFile.


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