Tech Firms Are Among Fastest Growing Companies In 2013

To many in the business community, 2013 could be the year in which the UK’s economy finally got out of the woods. Although there are still a few problems such as unemployment and sluggish wage growth, the technology sector seems to be leading the way in giving the country a big boost in its attempt to recover pre-downturn levels.

Technology firms, whether they specialize in green energy, online security or something a little different such as online advertising, are in a good position to grow considerably for years to come. As new advancements are made, they’ll be among those best placed to adapt and survive, leaving traditional firms trailing in their wake. This list from Deloitte shows how tech firms have grown.

Keen on green

Firms providing innovative green technology are growing rapidly. Evance Wind Turbines, based in the Midlands, are already capitalizing on the growth in demand for green energy. Wind power is likely to play a more prominent role in the provision of electricity for thousands, if not millions, of UK homes, partly helping to explain why Evance has grown by more than 1300% this year.

Much of the technology sector’s growth has come online too. RandomStorm, an online security specialist, have seen take-up of their products grow in tandem with anxiety about being safe online. Viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other kinds of malware, not to mention hackers have made many fearing for their devices’ safety, leading them to consider security software as a solution.

Take it away

A surprise entrant on Deloitte’s list is JUST EAT, a company who has made a small fortune by taking orders for takeaway restaurants across the country. Through their website or smart phone / tablet apps, they have been able to drum up significant interest through marketing their product on TV and various other kinds of media.


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