This Is How People Fall for SPAM, Do You Too?

In recent years, the growing Social Media given us opportunities to connect with people, to gain momentum for businesses and brands. All of us love these social networking opportunities. But, just like in real-life – we are alert, careful, responsible in avoiding any mishaps or thefts – we must behave in similar way when buzzing around on social websites.

Everything that is available offline – is coming online, without filtering bad from the good.

Websites like Facebook and Google+ are providing great platform for various entities to create their online identity using Applications and Pages. But as I said, there are some evil brains  desperately wanting to suck-off your personal information. They want to use your social network for their benefits – no matter how least important it could be.

How do they do it?

Facebook and Google+ traffic is increasing everyday. We see hundreds of status updates, pictures, tagged pictures, comments and so on. Through all such heavy flowing traffic – a person cannot spend more than 5-10 seconds on each story. It has to be catchy – it has to come from friends to get the desired attention.

We’re getting smart in handling spam by reading posts like this, but Spammers are always smarter than us.

In last few months, social media websites are full of emotional spam like Hunger, Death, Relationships, Celebrity pictures with local content, Blood donation requirements to Nigerian donations and more…

The conceptualization behind such spam varies from every spammer that creates it, but the motive is clear – Hit you by emotions. They know you’re human – they know you feel, they know you would fall for it.

Once they trap you, then they bring-in the real stuff – where one mistake can expose the story to your entire network.

Latest Traps on Facebook

Now, see one of the latest examples where one my friends was trapped (due to obvious reasons) and messages got spread across his friends worldwide within less than a minute.

Here is the landing page of the controversial page which I managed to snap (before Facebook deleted this page)

This Is How People Fall for SPAM, Do You Too?

If you notice, why would someone create a dedicated page just for a one video?
Why would someone real place play video icon on a profile picture?

Looked weird to me, as hundreds of videos are available on YouTube – why wouldn’t the creator post that special video on YouTube or Vimeo or DailyMotion? He could have easily received millions of views in no-time.

Of course, he would do so if he had a real video – which wasn’t the case.

Stupid pages like these make you drool over the content & ask for rubbish security checks and what not! None of the honest brand page on Facebook would ask for a security check.

We tend to avoid thinking & observation because it’s merely a click which is free, isn’t it?

And then Disappointment, Hate and Embarrassment!

We all know what happens after such incidents. And if you ain’t know – don’t miss the comments posted by trapped users after huge disappointment. I would choose to hide their faces here but those exists for everyone to see.

In future if you suspect a page then, simply ignore the suspicious welcome page & navigate to the wall. You can see the truth for yourself.

Remember: I simply logged out from Facebook account before I browsed through that page  – just to be extra secured.

Few extra seconds and good attention can save you a big social embarrassment. Act sensibly!

UPDATE: The said is now taken down by Facebook to avoid more falling candidates but those early fallen birds have some more work to do.

Hope this helps.


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