Foxconn is Apple’s one of the oldest & most-trusted manufacturing partner & is also apparently producing the upcoming iWatch, which was in the last stage of its design & execution as we reported earlier.

In an announcement through the press release that came as a surprise, as stated on BGR, revealing knowingly or unknowingly about their involvement & the expected target units for producing the iPhone 6 for the Cupertino giant.

Usually, Apple is very strict with the vendor guidelines & reliable partners like Foxconn has been always tightly monitoring, not leaking, crucial details about the ongoing productions for the company.


Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, is the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturing company with operations spread all over the world & not limited to Taiwan or any particular company.

Sony, Microsoft, Apple, BlackBerry, Nintendo & Amazon are some of their large clients for producing world-class products such as iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PlayStation & Wii.

Foxconn recorded 19% revenue growth for the year ending in December 2013. They also have some big plans for the Indian market. We’ll keep you posted on it soon.


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