Every year, Apple hold a developers conference in California at their HQ to showcase its new software, technologies or inventions to developers. And, since the time iPhone & iPad is launched – the popularity and reach of WWDC has only increased.

In WWDC 2011, we saw a major upgrade to Apple’s mobile OS with iOS 5 which has more than 200+ features included in it, along side OS X Lion for Mac. We were among the first to show you the entire list when even, the company did not mention them all until October 2011.

Anyway.. that is an old story & we have some more exciting coming up in WWDC 2012.

WWDC 2012: Next iOS is most likely to appear with these 5 features

iOS’s next update is most likely to appear this year. The version is code-named as ‘Sundance’ and should get ‘iOS 6’ as a public name later during the conference.

What to expect in iOS 6?

I am getting in to a dilemma these days about rating which is the best mobile OS. Android has lot many features being open-source and iOS provides the classy experience but is a very closed system (of course, unless you jailbreak it)

Apple knows where the competition is & what features are needed to stay with the trend. That’s why, iOS 5 had so many features copied from some of the popular jailbreak tweaks.

Here are 5 features most likely to be seen in next iOS version.

1] Siri API

Apple is definitely working on bringing Siri out from Beta mode and not only that, the company is ready to release its API so that other app developers can include it in their apps. I just hope not to get too much of Siri all over my phone. 🙂

2] Facebook Integration

iOS 5 seen system-wide Twitter integration last year. Facebook, has definitely grown itself in much better way recently along with its users base. Apple was to integrate Facebook in iOS 5.1 for the new iPad but that didn’t really happen back then. iOS 6 is expected to have this feature for all devices.

3] System Toggles in Notification Bar

This one is the most missed feature in iOS. Android has it and its very useful to toggle various system settings ON or OFF with a single tap (instead of going through the Settings app every time) such as 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Task-Manager, Airplane mode etc. This is available for jailbroken iOS devices through SBSetttings app already.

4] True Multi-tasking for iPad

How about having two different apps opened simultaneously sharing the screen in half? Reading through an email or browser while writing down some points in Notes… sounds like a cool & true multi-tasking, isn’t that? This is the kind of feature we (as user) would like to see in bigger devices like iPad.

Taposé for iPad achieved this after long struggle in getting in to the App Store. Apple would definitely like to go beyond this.

WWDC 2012: Next iOS is most likely to appear with these 5 features

5] Apple’s own maps instead of Google Maps

According to 9to5mac, Apple recently acquired a company named C3 Technologies. This company showcased their ambitious photo-realistic 3D mapping technology running on iPad in MWC 2012 in Barcelona. If you see the video below – the project looks stunning and posses a justified reasons for replacing Google Maps from iOS devices. So… expect this awesome iMaps coming to your iPhone and iPad very soon.


These are nice features to see on my iPhone but would these be the only features or something even more interesting is lined-up for iOS 6? Let’s wait and do come back again.

We will try our best to inform you on the latest happening in WWDC 2012. Stay Tuned, Stay Hungry!

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Enjoy 🙂



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