Virtual Office Spaces In Auckland - What You Need To Know!

The virtual office is the best thing next to sliced bread for companies who wish to adopt a remote-working platform. These offices typically are known for giving business a platform from which to work online while providing a lot of the basic office necessities for modern business. More than just an inexpensive way to work, it is a sure way to drastically reduce your overhead budget.

While it seems unfathomable to run an entire office from the internet, plenty of business in New Zealand have been doing it for years. In fact, one virtual office space in Auckland – Servcorp NZ – has been at the helm of offering businesses the tools needed to run a business in the online format. However, for the virtual office to work, businesses should know how to leverage this new office format to their advantage.

Continue reading to learn about what you should pay attention to when seeking virtual office space.

What The Basics Are

The basics of most virtual offices are that they offer businesses a reliable internet connection with access to office space. If not a subscription-based office, the serviced provider will provide your business with office support and access to IT professionals in the off chance your business needs advice or help. The perks are that these leases are often easy to transition in and out of and are great for people who unsure about the success of their venture.

Who To Lease From

There two types of virtual offices – the subscription-based and serviced office lease. The subscription-based virtual office is a program that can be purchased but will allow you to set up a platform for your business. The only drawback is that it cannot offer you access to office space. The leases are much like many licensing agreements, which have six months to yearlong contracts.

Alternatively, the serviced office provides businesses with an online and offline platform. With office space that has world-class technology and conference rooms equipped to hold any meeting, businesses can usually work from any location that has an office. The larger the serviced office space translates into being able to work in more locations.

Where To Lease

In Auckland, businesses can lease space out of the PwC Tower and the Vero Centre, which are on Quay and Shortland Streets, respectively. These areas are in Auckland’s business districts and provide businesses with a way to access office space in some pretty desirable areas in the city. Typically, the draw of using the virtual office is that it affords businesses the chance to work in prestigious locations around town without requiring them to commit to lengthy leases and the expense that goes along with them.

And The Pricing

The virtual office lease is usually much less expensive than even other options through the serviced office. One of the reasons is because the serviced office virtual office leaves it up to the business to choose from a la carte list of services that can range from having access to meeting rooms to being able to access coworking spaces in the building. For start-ups and small businesses, the virtual office gives you the chance to establish your business while looking for a more permanent place to call home.

In The Know About Virtual Offices

Auckland’s virtual office scene provides businesses with a huge range of perks. Many businesses can work in the city when needed and surround themselves with valuable resources and people without the hefty price tag that comes with leasing conventional space. As one of the most ingenious ideas, the virtual office gives businesses the opportunity to benefit from office space that allows them to do business in style.