10 Вest Photo Cloud Storages 10 Вest Photo Cloud Storages 10 Вest Photo Cloud Storages 10 Вest Photo Cloud Storages 10 Вest Photo Cloud Storages 10 Вest Photo Cloud Storages

Are you a photographer or passionate Instagram photos’ fan? If yes, you definitely need good and cheap cloud storage to manage your photographs. This article will help you get acquainted with cloud storage advantages and disadvantages. The information presented below will demonstrate you the difference between various kinds of storages. It is a comparison of their rates, opportunities, and main features.

Why Do You Need a Cloud Storage for Photos?

The cloud storage definition is really simple – it’s a special storage model, where information can be saved and managed remotely online. There are specifically created online services, which allow people to use and keep data downloaded on a remote server. Users have access to this data via the Internet. The risk of data loss is minimal, as the hosts include the backup function, which allows creating additional copies of information.

With the progress and growth of modern technologies, cloud storages in today’s context are frequently and widely used across the globe. Cloud storage providers securely keep the files on various kinds of gadgets including laptops and smartphones. The global network counts hundreds of personal data storage solutions, but today we will introduce you some of the most well-known and famous platforms for keeping photos, such as Mega, Google cloud photo storage, Dropbox or others.

10 Best Cloud Storages You Should Pay Attention To

1. Google Drive

Alternatives: Box
Price: FREE or $99.99


  • Photos and videos in a limitless amount
  • 15 GB of free space

Cons: Difficulties in usage

Google Drive

Google Drive is digital photo storage released by Google. It provides a possibility to store images, photos, videos, audio recordings, and documents in the most effective manner. Thanks to Google online backup, you should stop worrying about your data loss. By using this personal cloud storage, you may not only keep but also share and co-edit files, videos, create websites. Besides, you may perform a series of other useful actions related to an array of usable web applications, such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.

One of the leading features of the Google cloud photo storage is a free plan. It allows to keep data up to 15 GB. Files and documents on Google Drive can be easily opened from any available device –  a laptop, a computer, and other gadgets. Wherever you are, all files are always close at hand. In addition, Google Drive is the best cloud storage for photographers, as it doesn’t change or spoil the image’s resolution. Google Photos in its turn is the best free online photo storage, which allows saving an indefinite amount of photos up to 16 megapixels. If you are engaged in online sales, we recommend you to read Amazon Prime photos review because it’s the best photo storage for hundreds of product photographs.

2. Mega

Alternatives: Box
Price: FREE or $35.99


  • Real-time encrypted backup
  • Open source code
  • “Life” secure interaction

Cons: Low bandwidth


Mega cloud storage is one of the best file sharing websites ever existed. Its main feature is a thoroughly stored content. All the information is ciphered right in the browser by an algorithm named AES. The administration of the cloud service does not have permission to your private information. Users can transfer files in an encrypted way mutually, with all the data saved in the cloud. Access keys to these files aren’t issued in a public domain but are distributed in a Friend-to-Friend scheme between users who trust each other.

Along with that, each user gets 50 GB of free online file storage which distinguishes Mega from other platforms. However, if this capacity isn’t enough, you may also purchase a paid application that includes from 200 GB to 8 TB. Another variant is to invite as many friends as possible for you to receive 10 GB of memory for each friend.

It should be noted that according to the ratings floating around the Internet, MEGA is the best cloud storage 2018 and in the meantime one of the top 200 most renowned sites in the world.

3. Dropbox

Alternatives: Mega
Price: FREE or $19.99


  • iOS and Android applications available
  • 120-day version history

Cons: High priced subscription


Dropbox, being another best photo storage, occupies a special place among file sharing websites. Dropbox is a file hosting, which comprises personal cloud storage, synchronization service, and client software. Dropbox creates a special folder on the computer, which is synchronized in such a way that it contains the same files regardless of the device. Files located in this folder are also available via the Dropbox website and mobile application.

To secure users’ data, the cloud storage works in accordance with the SSL protocol and the AES-256 encryption algorithm. It guarantees safety and makes it the best cloud storage for photos.

The service introduces 2GB online storage free, which can be updated up to 16 GB free of charge. You may invite new users or get a few GB after having accomplished some tasks, such as an installation of the Dropbox application on the mobile phone and others. If you need more space, 1TB will come in handy. Dropbox supports all possible PC and smartphone platforms.

4. Nextcloud

Alternatives: Google Drive
Price: FREE or $79.99
Pros: A favorable set of features
Cons: Very expensive


Nextcloud is a set of client-server programs for constructing and managing cloud storage. It is similar to Dropbox in its functionality. It is the best place to store photos for collaboration, which allows synchronizing files and data. Nextcloud files are kept on the server and, if necessary, can be accessed via WebDa. Members’ files are encrypted during transit (encryption coding must be enabled). Nextcloud also supports client programs on Windows, OS X, and Linux for synchronization between the server and the client. If you feel like you lack the knowledge using Nextcloud, you may always purchase a pre-configured NextCloud unit.

5. iCloud

Alternatives: Microsoft OneDrive
Price: FREE or $9.99
Pros: Apple gadgets are synchronized automatically

  • A disappointing set of functions
  • Numerous errors and lags


iCloud presents a space developed specifically for Apple users. This is the best storage for iPhones that synchronizes all files of different tools, applications such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Safari, other apps from the Apple Store and safely stores them. Access can be obtained on the iCloud website, as well as on your computers and iOS.

iCloud is also known as one of the most secure cloud storages. It mechanically constructs backups of all files on your iOS device, when it is connected to the power source and to the Wi-Fi. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of losing all your personal content after having bought a new smartphone. Two-factor authentication is an extra degree of security, which prevents others from obtaining access to your private data.

6. Microsoft OneDrive

Alternatives: Google Drive
Price: FREE or $9.99


  • 1TB Cloud storage free
  • Perfect compatibility with other Microsoft products

Cons: A low number of functions in terms of photos

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is the best cloud storage for small business with an ability to synchronize user’s records on different devices. It is already pre-installed on most of the devices with Microsoft OS. Applications for Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, WindowsPhone, and others have been released.

Using OneDrive, all clients have 5GB of space available for them to keep backups. In order to obtain this space, one has just to log in or register the Microsoft account. What is more, in OneDrive, you can browse photos very conveniently, that’s why it turns into the best cloud storage for professional photographers. Another significant characteristic of OneDrive is the existence of Office Online. It gives an opportunity to view, download, edit, create and send Microsoft Office documents right in the browser.

7. Box

Alternatives: Mega
Price: FREE or $9.99


  • Best Cloud Storage for business
  • User-friendly navigation

Cons: Prohibits download a free account file weighing more than 250 MB


Box can keep files in the cloud and provide access to the content from every corner of the planet using a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. With this best personal cloud storage, you are able to set up the access to data by sharing the link. Besides, you also gain an excellent chance to download and listen to music right in your account.

Box suggests two kinds of usage – chargeless and fee-based. To get 10 GB for free, you have to register. 100 GB of free online storage will cost $10 per month. Working with two business plans, namely Enterprise and Business, your storage isn’t limited and the maximum file bandwidth is ensured. Servers encode everything uploaded by the client. Others similarities include sharing of documents via links, the ability to specify a particular date and password on the file. When the specified day comes, the fill will be removed.

8. SpiderOak

Alternatives: Mega
Price: FREE or $25
Pros: Convenient functionality


  • Limited free version
  • No open source for the public domain
  • High price in comparison with similar products


SpiderOak is considered to be the best place to store photos due to its recent updates. Data appears in the site already in an enciphered way. In addition, the password is never transmitted, except in cases when the user works with the web interface. There is also a possibility of synchronizing of several folders and files on a few devices simultaneously and the automatic file duplication elimination. However, you won’t be able to confirm this information, as SpiderOak has no open source, where you might check it.

Owners of Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms are happy users of the best external storage for photos. However, it must be noted, that the platform provides only a 21-day free trial version.

9. pCloud

Alternatives: Microsoft OneDrive
Price: FREE or $375


  • 20 GB online storage free
  • A decent number of functions
  • Low-cost

Cons: Disappointing bandwidth


If you are searching for a convenient way of media files playback, backup, storing and sharing info, pCloud is a perfect decision for you. pCloud provides an opportunity for successful co-working and an ability to establish extended access rights to selected folders. pCloud unlike other file-sharing services, doesn’t limit the size of the file uploaded to the cloud. It can only be limited by the size of the file storage itself.

On this platform, all user-cloud connections are protected using SSL/TLS technology. The files themselves are stored on several independent servers in encrypted form.

10. IDrive

Alternatives: Nextcloud
Price: FREE or $6


  • Impressive set of functions
  • Inexpensive

Cons: Free 5GB


IDrive is a cloud service for storing backup copies on a remote server. Officially registered users are provided with 5GB of free space and the same space for synchronization operation for free.

It comprises two versions – Personal and Business. The Business plan includes wider capabilities comparing with the Personal one, such as 250 GB of space, backups from PC and mobile devices. Security is ensured by encrypting the backed up data using the 256-bit AES algorithm and the specified key. In general, this platform is relatively simple, it includes a range of specific and useful functions. IDrive allows to recover deleted data thanks to IDrive Express, upload files automatically, share information on e-mail and social networks.