Why You Should Attend The IBM Developer Day Event

First of all, you need to understand that, we, the developers, are sort of running this planet and soon we’ll rule them all. For able to do that, we need to grab as many infinity stones as possible to gain more power and polish our skills. Correct? Enough said.

Although there are tons of conferences happening across the world, we always feel that the ones those matters don’t happen in India. However, that’s not the case with this IBM Developer Day because it’s happening in Bangalore on 14th March 2019. It’s more than just a conference for the developers & by the developers. So be ready to learn some quirky tricks from the seniors.

Attending the IBM Developer Day conference with the right mindset will push you forward to become a better developer. Mind you, the industry is moving at rapid speed & nothing’s is better than keeping up to speed through Cloud, AI, Blockchain and Quantum powered by open source. And the keynote speakers are Ginni Rometty (Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM), Sriram Raghavan (VP at IBM Research), Bob Lord (Senior VP, IBM) and Willie Tejada (GM & and Chief Developer Advocate, IBM)

Whether you’re a student or a developer working in any company, it’s most likely that you’re caught up with studies, projects or delivery timelines. However, you should note that conferences such as IBM Developer Day are a fantastic opportunity to meet the experts in the domains, meet like-minded people and for networking in general. Such networking opportunities actually help us analyze where we stand, allows us to evolve in our trade and get exposure in the professional world.

IBM Developers Day conference will surely provide you with a lot of new content on technologies such as Cloud, AI, Blockchain and Quantum. You’ll be able to learn about the latest best practices and innovative techniques through the curated tech talks.

You will learn lots of good coding stuff through the Code labs designed for quick hands-on coding at IBM Developer Day conference. Not just that, you can ask technical questions on the latest open and IBM technologies to get the solution directly from the experts. Who knows, you probably will get a fix for the code problem you were facing for past several weeks. Some of the cool things you can experience at the Code Cafe are IBM Watson Visual Recognition, IBM Blockchain Platform, Hyperledger Fabric with Java/Node SDK, Native Applications IBM Cloud, Serverless functions and more.

You can attend the hands-on workshops on deploying modern applications on IBM Cloud by using Kubernetes, building T-SNE based reverse image search with GPU environment, implementing asset securitization on a Blockchain ledger and so on.

At IBM Developer Day, you can get the professional development you need for a future-proof career. Benefit from the expert guidance as you participate in certification exams and hands-on labs. Prove your worth to your company by getting certified in Cloud, AI, security and more.

Certifications & Badges

At IBM Developer Day, you can get the professional development you need for your future-proof career. Benefit from the expert guidance by participating in certification exams and hands-on workshops. By doing this, you’ll prove your worth to your company by getting certified in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, security and more.

Well, if all these awesome benefits of attending the IBM Developer Day aren’t convincing enough for you, there is a game night too where you can enjoy an evening of fun, food, and music. Sounds great already, isn’t it? Go ahead, register today for the event.