We all know, Google has become the big brother & knows everything we do on it’s Search engine, Google Chrome, Gmail, Android devices. We end up compromising our privacy & keep sharing more things with these big companies, for the best experience on the web. Undoubtedly it’s needed at some point. But, if you’re looking for the search engines that won’t track anything, here is a list of Google search engine alternatives you can use.


Duck Duck Go

Started in 2007 & officially began its operations in 2008 – DuckDuckGo decided not to track or collect any personal information of its users. The decision was made after a few inspirational conversations on Reddit, back in November 2009.

DDG does offer a very decent search & in several areas offers search results better than Google. The new design of DuckDuckGo looks pretty neat, clutter-free & modern. One of the key features of DuckDuckGo (of course apart from not collecting user information) is ‘Smarter Answers’. It offers variety of information such as recipes, weather, restaurants & definitions from many specialized websites across the globe.

Yes, there are two large groups who either find DuckDuckGo very handy, useful or the other group thinks it’s not as great. I think this one is one of the best search alternatives, but, you give this nice search engine a try & see which group do you want to belong to.

GoogleSharing – Firefox Add-on

GoogleSharing – Firefox Add-on

It’s an add-on for Firefox browser which mixes several different requests together from multiple users in such way that, Google cannot tell the exact request is coming from which user. This way, GoogleSharing add-on is trying to prevent Google from collecting user specific information – from services that do not require us to login.

This add-on uses a custom proxy for generating a number of ‘identities & each one of them has a cookie information for Google with a complete list of User-Agent for the popular browsers. It then redirects your request to Google & responds back to you through the proxies, of course except for Gmail & such. This way, your next request will have a different ‘GoogleShared’ identity & the one you used earlier will be assigned to someone else.

Pretty cool, eh?



Founded in 1998, Ixquick is known as one of the most private search engine in the world. It does not collect any personal information when you make searches. All the searches made on this website are also encrypted, just to make sure nothing passes through even by a chance.

It’s nowhere mentioned, but it seems that, Ixquick search results are as comprehensive as that of Google, minus collecting any user information. It also offers a free proxy service for allowing anonymous website browsing

Ixquick or StartPage (in UK) is so sensitive about user’s data that, they have even decided not to track users’ IP addresses. How awesome is that! It’s too one of the popular alternatives to Google search.



Wolfram|Alpha’s is not a search engine for searching anything in general like what most other search engines do. This one is for geeky people to get knowledge & answers based on built-in data, methods & algorithms, with a goal to make systematic knowledge accessible to everyone.

Instead of offering the most-usual type of search results, WolframAlpha offers results that are specific to numbers, calculations, formatted data, linguistic analysis, computed presentations, dynamic computation, equations & more.

Of course, it cares about the privacy & does not collect or share any personal information – unless you provide it in some cases such as; I tried searching with my surname ‘Tajane’ & it returned the result for a council, it’s whereabouts, population & current local time.

This search engine also has a PRO section for paid users & does not show any advertisement for them while providing more visually rich search results. You’re definitely a geek as you’re reading this page; so, don’t forget to bookmark this site & give it try.

Well, that’s it for now folks. I hope, you guys like these Google search alternatives if you don’t want them to know you searched for what & when. Which one does you like the most? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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