Apple To Announce Integration Of Smart Home In iOS 8 During WWDC 2014

According to an anonymous report & as carried by cnet, Apple is most probably announcing the integrated ‘Smart Home’ system of the new iOS 8. The announcement will take place during the WWDC 2014 keynote presentation.

The new iOS 8 will be unveiled during this year’s WWDC starting June 2nd, which will feature a whole lot of new APIs in the new iOS 8 SDK for the third-party device manufacturers & developers, just like they did for the iOS 7 last year. The new set of APIs & inbuilt apps will include the new health suite, trackers & sensors.

The new report also confirms about integration of the home automation system which, Apple had already outlined in a patent filed. It will allow iPhones & iPads to control home lights, security system & other appliances.

Smart home is not a new concept & there are a several manufacturers already producing plenty of different smart lights & have apps available for the iOS as well s the Android.

However, this new ‘Smart Home’ concept will be as a part of ‘Made for Apple’ program, sanctioning an approval to these appliance manufacturers for taking advantage of the plenty new features coming prebuilt into the software.

One of the highlights of this new home automation system in iOS 8 is, the lights or the desired appliances will automatically switch on as soon as the associated iPhone or iPad enters the premise.

Of course, many people are already predicting this to be another ‘Internet Meme’ subject & are also hoping this won’t be as a fiasco as that of Apple Maps.  Having said that, I think, this move is interesting because, this is the right time to move into the automation systems & what others would be the best tool to do it than a mobile phone! No other, right?

There aren’t many details available as yet, but, the wait won’t be too long to see the new ‘Smart Home’ for iPhones because the WWDC 2014 event kick-starts next week. What do you think of this new home automation system? Let us know in the comments below &  stay tuned for more updates.


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