And... The Best WordPress Pop-Up Plugin Is - Pippity!

I was looking for that perfect pop-up plugin which is not annoying like others… a plugin which seem as a gentleman – behaves well and exits like one.

People around the world have overdone the usage of pop-ups by bombing various advertisements and offers. But, gentleman readers like us are smart and we are tired of seeing such pop-ups while doing something important.

Why Subscribe?

For any website or a blog – it’s important to have subscribers & for businesses, its important to have leads. For blogs, if a reader subscribes, it’s easy to let know him/her about new articles. Subscriber then can choose to read it or can always receive an update about the articles, special offers or free downloads. Same is the case with generating leads for your business. I am sure, you know the importance of lead generation already.

And, if your website or blog is using self-hosted WordPress as a platform then, there is really a good news for you.

After searching, installing and trying various pop-pup plugins – I was disappointed for not getting what I desired. Through this exercise I realized that, good pop-up plugins are not available for FREE.

Finally, I zeroed down on Pippity instead of Popup Domination. It’s a great alternative to Popup Domination. But, what were the features I desired? And why did I pick Pippity? Find out more…

About Pippity

Pippity is a pleasing pop-up for website owners who don’t want to annoy visitors and would let visitors peacefully read articles. Pippity provides many features that are not available in any other pop-up plugin. I guess this revolutionary plugin is developed by revolutionary Headway Themes framework, but I haven’t yet confirmed it. (Confirmed! – See comment below by its co-founder, Grant Griffiths)

Pippity Features which I Liked

  • Extremely easy to set-up the very first-pop-up
  • Can create pop-ups or opt-in bars
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs with 12+ templates
  • All of them can be customized to fit the site design
  • Real-time preview
  • Easiest way to add bullets
  • Create auto pop-ups or on-click pop-ups
  • Create A/B testing to find out which pop-up works the best (No other plugin does this)
  • Different scheduling options: Trigger at the end of the article, After amount of page-views, for every page-view or after certain amount of time on page.
  • We can choose not to repeatedly display the same pop-up for returning visitors
  • Built-in analytics to track impressions, time on pop-up & conversion ratio
  • Amazing support: They offered timely support to fix an issue when my pop-ups didn’t show up, right till the positive results.
  • Compatible with various newsletter / feed subscription services like Aweber, Madmimi, MailChimp, Constant Contact, 1ShoppingCart, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, Graphic Mail, iContact and they also made it work with Google FeedBurner (which I am using)

Which pop-up plugin offers you these many features?


And... The Best WordPress Pop-Up Plugin Is - Pippity!

And... The Best WordPress Pop-Up Plugin Is - Pippity!

They have nice & detailed getting-started tutorials available on Pippity website.

Pippity Live Demo

You can click Open Pippity Demo pop-up (It’s a on-click feature of the same pop-up which I am running on our site)

Like it? Buy it…

They have various licensing packages for every need

  • 1 site Personal license with 1 year access to support & updates ($49)
  • 5 sites Business license with 1 year support & updates ($87)
  • Unlimited sites Developer license with 1 year support, updates & early access to Beta versions ($164)


You can get 25% discount using coupon code “pipzoom“, if you’re seriously looking for a truly nice pop-up solution for lead generation, Pippity is my recommendation & I’m loving it. Go, get the this best WordPress Pop-up plugin

Hope you like it. Do share your views through comments & don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for latest updates.


  1. Pipity is a good alternative of Pop-Up domination.. Nice share Tushar.. I see you are also using Pipity on this blog..looks nice & sleeck

  2. Hey Tushar. Thanks for the review of Pippity. Pippity is part of what we do here at Headway Themes. Nicky over at Tumble Design is the developer we worked with on Pippity and they did an amazing job on the Plugin.

    • Most welcome @GrantGriffiths Thanks for writing. Congrats to you & Nicky for making such a wonderful plugin. I hope to get hands-on with Headway Themes soon. 🙂


      • @TechZoomOrg Better grab Headway before the 25th so you are grandfathered in on our current TOS and get free lifetime updates and support. Once Headway 3.0 comes out, we are moving to an annual renewal. Of course, 3.0 is a completely new product basically. Plus we will have Child Themes.

        I plan to give some sneak peeks over the next week or so of the child themes and they are amazing too.


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