iPhone 4S Coming Soon to India Or Get Factory Unlocked from US

Yo… so finally a good news for all iPhone fans & finally, a confirmation from Aircel about iPhone 4S launch in India very soon. Though the launch date is not yet revealed, it is most likely to come in last week of November or first week of December 2011.

Apple was never active in releasing new iPhones in India but seems like new CEO and growing competition from Samsung, HTC is shaking things up.

For those who’re waiting for iPhone 4S launch before they buy a new smartphone, there are few pointers I would like to add. (I love iPhone & use it everyday)

Things to consider before you buy

  • iPhone 4S can be compared to Samsung Galaxy S II, which is available in open market (and probably weighs much lighter)
  • New iPhone has three main features like, faster dual-core processor, 8MP camera and Siri
  • SGS II already has similar hardware and equally good camera
  • Siri voice input is most likely not optimized for Indian territory (Unconfirmed as of now). Australia getting it recent updated iOS version 5.0.1
  • Don’t miss to read FREE Siri alternatives for Android before making a decision.
  • I think, SGS II is the only alternative to iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Price in India

Aircel and Airtel are launching this new iPhone as official carriers. But, whether they would be giving factory unlocked phones or carrier locked iPhones with two year contract, is unclear at the moment.

iPhone 4S comes in three storage & two color variants. There is no price difference if you choose Black or White.

  • 16GB is expected for approx. Rs. 37,000/-Rs 44,500/-
  • 32GB for Rs. 41,000/- Rs. 50,900/- and
  • 64GB for 45,000/- Rs. 57,500/-

iPhone 4S Factory Unlocked in US

As promised, Apple has just started selling factory unlocked iPhones through online Apple Store and soon will be available in retail outlets too. This facility is only available for US customers & International shipping is not possible. Here is the link 

iPhone 4S Coming Soon to India Or Get Factory Unlocked from US

If you’re interested in getting iPhone 4S for approx Rs. 32,000/- then you can simply request one of your relatives or friends residing in US and ask to buy it for you. As always – we can ask someone to bring it with them while visiting India.

I am sure you would only request to friends reaching here very soon. 🙂

Update #1

iPhone 4S will officially launch in India on November 25, 2011. So… Stay Tuned 🙂

Will you buy it in India or US? If you ask me & if I happen to buy one – I would buy from whoever offers me the best deal for factory unlocked iPhone 4S.

Update #2

Official pricing for this new iPhone are sky-high and I don’t think it’s really worth spending. I would suggest to buy factory unlocked from US & arrange get it in India through friends or relatives.

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re happy with the decision.


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