BSNL 3G Offers Unlimited Data Plan for iPad

Recently I came across, first of its kind unlimited 3G plan from BSNL exclusively for iPad. This certainly proves BSNL is one of the Top ISPs of India offering services at lowest possible rates.

This is a great news for all iPad owners. BSNL has introduced an unlimited data plan for iPad which means there is no limit for data transfer like download or upload. I am not entirely sure, but if you plan to get unlocked iPad in India then BSNL would (must) give you a 3G micro-SIM required to use in iPad.

This is no miracle, but true. I bet no other operator in India is providing unlimited 3G plan at the moment and seems like BSNL winning the race again leaving all others behind.

Prepaid Plans

Basic Daily Plan starts from Rs. 99 per day with unlimited data usage to Rs. 999 per month for unlimited data usage.

BSNL 3G Offers Unlimited Data Plan for iPad

Postpaid Plans

Postpaid has only one plan of Rs 999 per month for unlimited data usage.

BSNL 3G Offers Unlimited Data Plan for iPad

How to Contact to get BSNL 3G connection for iPad

Call on BSNL Toll Free number: 1800 180 1505. I think these are unique and cheapest 3G plans, unlike IDEA 3G plans.

Important Update

I think, these plans are discontinued and only limited plans for various tablets are now available. Do confirm from your local BSNL office about this or new unlimited data plan.

Source: BSNL


  1. Dear Sir ,

    I asked the Same to BSNL off.

    They Have Only given list of Rs 101 .225 GB for 15 Days to Rs-5003 30 GB For 180 days .This list also in Hand Written paper. ( Taken From Net ).

    Today i Will Show Them Your Blog Copy.

    Thank You.



    • @Krishnamoorthy As I mentioned in UPDATE #1 above few days ago – BSNL mostly has discontinued this unlimited plan. If you contacted them & since this is not available – we can’t do much it it. Its their decision 🙂

  2. Hi… I have an iPad 2 in Mumbai. Will be buying BSNL 3G card… do they provide microSIM or i will need to cut it? Also should I buy GSM card or CDMA card?

    • @PratikBagaria MicroSIM is available with every carrier in India upon request. Check availability with BSNL office because they’re very unpredictable in such matters.

      If your iPad is GSM then go for GSM card & if its CDMA then go with CDMA 🙂

      Even if they don’t have a microSIM – you can always get it cut from any mobile shoppe

  3. hi
    Can i use this micro sim on an iphone 3g by using various techniques which allow micro sims to be used on iphone 3g to get free unlimited internet access on my phone?

    • Thanks for writing Nishanth.
      iPhone 3g (outdated phone) does not need MicroSim. If you want to use a MicroSim inside a iPhone 3g then you need a MicroSim card adapter with a size of regular sim card. Works neat as I heard. Do this only if you have no other option. Hope this helps.


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