iPhone Tweak: Auto Answer Phone Calls and Video Calls with Auto-Answer App

Finally, It is possible to answer phone calls automatically without Slide to Answer or touching ‘Answer’, an iPhone. I have seen this feature in all mobile phones I used, but it was missing from the iPhone. This tweak can also auto answer video calls and Face-time session as you want.

This Auto Answer app can be installed on Jailbroken iPhones through Cydia only.

What is Auto Answer App?

Set your phone to automatically answer to specific numbers and FaceTime calls. You can use it for unattended video conference calls and Remote Area audio/video surveillance too! Auto Answer lets you choose numbers that you wish to auto-pickup and your phone will automatically answer the incoming call from those numbers, either instantly or after the amount of seconds you specify.

There is also a Stealth Mode, which you can use for remote surveillance, in which Auto Answer hides the incoming call completely and the phone does not indicate that it has answered a call while you can monitor audio in the area.

Auto Answer on Cydia

Auto Answer is available on Cydia through The Big Boss Repo.

System Requirements

Auto Answer works only on jailbroken iPhone running iOS 4.2.1 or higher. This app is not for iPod or iPad.


Auto Answer is not available for free since it is a Commercial Package priced at $4.99. The price band seems a little on the higher side. I would have bought Auto Answer straight away if it was set to, not more than $2.50


iPhone Tweak: Auto Answer Phone Calls and Video Calls with Auto-Answer App

iPhone Tweak: Auto Answer Phone Calls and Video Calls with Auto-Answer App


I am writing this without actually using this app, hence I do not have much to say except that the, Auto Answer is a missing feature of an iPhone, but this app is probably missing a feature where one should be able to either select Auto Answer All Calls or Auto Answer Selected Contacts. This then totally justifies the motive of this app to be able to auto answer calls while driving no matter if they are on your contact list or not.

But, I am glad that Auto Answer is FINALLY available for iPhone and all thanks to the developer Elias Limneos for his efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @limneos

Warning about the App

Warning: Remotely monitoring audio or video of other people without their consent might be illegal in some countries. Make sure you use this application on your own phone for you own purposes and that you comply with the law.



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