The entire world was busy discussing Facebook’s IPO & then the founder’s (Mr. Mark’s) marriage after the IPO début. Things are settling down there for Facebook in some way.

On the other side, Microsoft silently upgraded & pushed their social network for students (website) to next level and opened it for public. Earlier – even after getting invites, users were not able to log in to the account because it was only meant for limited university students then. is not designed not it will try to be another Facebook in any means because the project is only meant for students to connect to other peers and share information – that’s not all, Microsoft’s strategic partnership with Facebook is another reason, we should not expect to become next Facebook. (at least for next couple of years)

What is this is (‘Social’) an experimental research project by FUSE Labs and the website now accepts public registrations through Facebook or Windows Live log-in information.

According to what Microsoft told CNET: The website is also an experimental open search program through which searches from members will be made available to other members as well as t third-parties, of course – unless specified by the member.

Microsoft's Social Network Gets a Silent Forward Push

Also, Facebook connect feature will not contact the member’s friends nor the activity will be posted on news feed until the user invites his/her Facebook friends to

After I logged into today – I found that, it looks very confusing & offers nothing engaging other than features like Video Parties and Social Bookmarklet . The interface looks like a mix of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Bing search results. Video Parties Video Parties is for combining various videos in to a kind of play list and then sharing it with other friends to watch it together, comment on it while watching etc. This by far the best interactive feature of this site.

Microsoft's Social Network Gets a Silent Forward Push Social Sharing Button Social Bookmarklet is a bookmarking button to share different interesting website pages to feed. All we have to do it, drag this JavaScript bookmarklet button on to the browser’s toolbar. will fetch all the link data & images just like we do on Facebook or Digg.

Here I am showing quickly on how to share web pages on This can come handy to lot of bloggers for sharing websites of interests with each others. (I know, we can do this on Facebook too :))

Social Bookmaking on

Social Bookmaking on


If you ask me for the review then I would say – The site looked interesting from the front page & from its appeal on how it functions – but, on the inside it was a disappointment on many levels. I could not stick to it for more time except for grabbing above screenshots & having a quick Video Party with some other members.

I think, it is going anywhere better in another few months or may be – it is designed to be that way?

I would like to know from you about being here 🙂

Do share your views and what you think is interesting or not-interesting on this social network for students.


  1. I didn’t know that Microsoft had their own social networking site until I’ve read your post. Thanks for sharing, I’ll try and see it for myself 🙂


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