I recently bought a pre-owned car Hyundai Santro Xing (2005 make) with pre-loaded Music System, A/C and etc.

Because, the earlier owner wanted to sell this car, he did not install the latest music system with USB port. Also, the car didn’t have a Wireless system to  make or receive phone calls through car audio.

After driving for a couple of weeks, I realized the need of an audio system, where I can listen songs from my iPhone & receive calls on speakers in my car. (Not for those who like to use headphones or Bluetooth headsets in the car)

I began searching for the right components on eBay and Google. Many people were using FM Transmitters which can be connected to a Cigarette lighter / Mobile charger plug of the car. But personally, I didn’t like the idea of having yet another device to manage & route bandwidth – just to hear my songs through car speakers.

New Audio Systems with USB or Bluetooth Accessories for cars are quite expensive, but, I was looking for a cheaper possible work around for this.

And I found it. 🙂

It is easiest and the cheapest method available for everyone using old car audio systems, too:

  • Play songs from an iPhone on car speakers (or other Mobile Phones)
  • Make / Receive calls through the same system.

I am using it for about two weeks now. It is working exactly as desired and the sound quality is crystal clear.

How much does it cost?

It costs less than Rs. 200/-

How to do this for iPhone or iPod?

To do this, your existing car audio system must have an AUX function & its Aux-In port and You need TWO cables:

1] 3.5mm Audio Extension AUX Cable Male to Male for iPhone [See image below] (Rs. 65/-)

2] Headphone Jack Adapter / Adaptor with Mic for iPhone (Rs. 125/-)

Connecting Mobile Phone / iPhone / Android to Car Audio System

  • Connect ‘A’ & ‘A’ (shown in red) together.
  • Connect ‘C’ (shown in blue) to your iPhone’s / iPod’s headphone jack.
  • Connect ‘D’ (shown in green) to your car’s Aux-In port.
  • After connecting as mentioned put your car audio in AUX mode (Most of the systems have modes like CD, RADIO, AUX, etc.) and play your songs.
  • To make a phone call, you can simply dial as you usually do.
  • To receive or to end a phone call, you can use Call Receive button available on CORD 2 (see image)
  • Make sure you are buying good quality cables & test them to avoid disappointment.
  • You should use mobile phone holders to easily access iPhone screen – a must for safe driving practice.


Simple, eh?

How to do it for other Mobile Phones?

The procedure is same as mentioned above.

  • You will need to buy both cables that are compatible with your mobile phone.
  • Latest smartphones need 3.5 mm connectors. Others may need 2.5mm connectors. Check this with headphones you are using.

You may also find required cables on eBay website. This procedure works perfectly on my end and should work if you do it properly. Don’t hold me responsible if this does not work for you 🙂

I hope this helps.

Do let me know in the comments if you like this post (and buy me a coffee 🙂

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  1. I’m not able to get the 2 type wire from ebay.. could you pls check from where i can get it.. and if so do provide me with the link..

  2. Thanks Tushar for the detailed documentation. Although I too have alrady done the way before, I did not really document as you have done!
    This is really working fine! In my case, i had to just buy 3.5 male-male jack and it was done! since I had already the other cable given by Samsung! I am enjoying music + mobile now and it is realy working Great!!

  3. Hey Tushar ,

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. Tried to look for Headphone Jack Adapter , but did not find it.

    Any help will be appreciated,




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