I wrote about how Facebook brought down some Pages and Groups of well-known tech websites and blogs based on a complaint received through email without actually verifying the matter. It raised many questions including that how Facebook is going to handle such issues it in future.

In a recent tweet by @TaimurAsad of Redmond Pie he confirms restoration of their Facebook Page and receipt of an official statement from Facebook.

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This is the Official statement Redmond Pie received from Facebook

We have investigated a number of recent intellectual property cases and have restored four pages as a result.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Abuse of DMCA and other intellectual property notice procedures is a challenge for every major Internet service and we take it seriously.  We have invested significant resources into creating a dedicated team that uses specialized tools, systems and technology to review and properly handle intellectual property notices.  This system evaluates a number of factors when deciding how to respond and, in many cases, we require the reporter to provide additional information before we can take action.  As a result of these efforts, the vast majority of intellectual property notices that we receive are handled without incident.  Of course, no system is perfect and we are always striving to improve our practices.  As such, we will be considering the results of our investigation into this matter as we continue to refine our systems and procedures.

It looks like Facebook has taken these issues seriously after getting widely criticized about it all over the Internet yesterday.

We should must appreciate Facebook efforts for looking in to the issues on top priority. We must expect some strong changes being made in to their policies soon.

Finally it looks like what it should be!

Thanks Facebook.


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