iPad 2 in India: Points and Prices To Know Before You Buy

Apple launched iPad -1 in India nine months after it was launched in US. But, this time Apple looks like taking the Indian market seriously and launched newer version of iPad (2) just in one month after it was first launched. iPad 2 was launched in Japan yesterday (28th April) and received great response.

It is launched in India today (29th April) along with other countries like  South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines,Turkey, Israel and UAE.

Though it is a great news for Apple fans, I am not very sure about why Apple chose for early launch of iPad 2 in India when it was not included in earlier plan. May be they added India in a new plan expecting that their sales in Japan may not meet projected sales target due to recent unfortunate events  This could be Apple’s attempt to fulfill the targets by launching it here.

Never the less, Apple geeks are happier by this news and excited to get early hand-on with iPad 2.

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iPad 2 Price in India

iPad 2 in India is slightly expensive than iPad 1 and that’s understandable. We may expect the prices go down in few days like it always happens with any mobile device in India.

Apple iPad 2 is available in 2 primary models and 3 sub-models.

iPad 2 with (only) WiFi is available in 3 sub-models as per the storage size 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and priced at Rs. 29,500, Rs. 34,500, Rs. 39,500 respectively.

iPad 2 with 3G + WiFi: (16GB) Rs. 36,900, (32GB) Rs. 41,900 and (64GB) Rs. 46,900 including taxes

Which 3G Plan for iPad 2 to choose?

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Do share your experience with iPad 2 if you have bought it.



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