Hoccer Fun: Use Slide, Throw Gestures To Transfer Files Between iPhone, Android and Computer

Its real fun and one must use it to enjoy it. Data sharing was never this easy and so much fun. Importantly it can connect iPhone, Android, PC all together… It works best if all these devices are connected via WiFi.

I am talking about Hoccer app for iPhone, Android and a Web App for computers developed by Art + Com technologies, through which , we can share data with one or many devices at a time… simply by using gestures.

Its  based on ad-hoc network module, hence the name is Hoccer

What is Hoccer app?

Hoccer lets you share all files and media types that you have on your phone instantly and effortlessly. Pass them on to one or few persons at once. Based on your geo-location, it’s intuitive and convenient to handle.

Pass your pictures, contacts, music or text with simply a slight gesture. No configuration is needed, just start the app & use it!

Hoccer is an app for fast and easy data sharing between devices. Share pictures, contacts and other media instantly without any setup. We can share with only one person by dragging selected content with a fingertip from one device to another. Or share with many – by throwing content to a group of people. Hoccer Web App can make possible exchange data between your Phone and your Computer and vice versa.

Hoccer saves received content locally on devices, which means, we can share the same content again with other people around. Devices can be hoc-ed if they are in range of 100 meters.

Unfortunately, Hoccer is not available for Black­Berry, Sym­bian, Bada devices.

Hoccer is soon releasing their APIs for developers which will make this system even more interesting. May be, in future we won’t need to shout-out our menu at McDonald or KFC counters.


Hoccer Fun: Use Slide, Throw Gestures To Transfer Files Between iPhone, Android and Computer

Hoccer Fun: Use Slide, Throw Gestures To Transfer Files Between iPhone, Android and Computer

Hoccer Demo Video

I came to know about this cool app when my friend Hrushikesh Ghatpande posted this video. It shows what this app does.


Download Links

  • Hoccer for iOS is a free app available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 4 and higher on iTunes Store
  • Hoccer for Android is available on Android Market here with OS 1.6 and higher
  • Hoccer for PC can be used to transfer files from iPhone / Android Phone to a PC by using Hoccer Web App


Due to limitations by Apple App Store, transferring music or videos with Hoccer is not possible on iOS devices unless its jailbroken. Also, it needs some patience to get used-to with this app.

Another thing I noticed was, transferring from Web App is not as breeze as installed app on smartphones, otherwise it’s totally cool.

Hoccer was selected as Winner in Google ADC 2 (Android Developer Challenge 2) under Productivity / Tools category.

Aren’t you hoc-ed yet? Do share you comments with us 🙂


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