I am writing this because it might help you save $1 & invaluable disappointment later. Fake, useless, or deceptive apps is not a new thing for Android apps, but this isn’t a regular case for the iOS. That is the reason iOS is the most profitable app store yet. It caught me with a surprise today to see an app titled WhatsApp, WeChat password protection app for iOS”. This is something like what Android Play Store already has for months; however, it was never available for iPhone before because, certain aspects of the IOS are not allowed for developers yet.

Update January 12, 2015 — Video Demo

Now, let’s move on to the shocking part of what I saw…

I moved further in to see a description of the app & see what it does. The description looked weird & the language used to describe the app did sound fishy or unprofessional. The ratings were the poorest by far, for any app I saw recently.

Here I am quoting the app description for your quick view, exactly as it seems on the iTunes Store page.



* Price Promotion 70% Discount *

Private Material on your iPhone / iPod, with your the only

that will control access.

  If you want your photos and private conversations safe from prying eyes

this application you can not miss.

-Easy to use:

  1. -Open the app

  2. -Create Custom password (important not to forget)

  3. -Active protection

  4. – Since only you have access TOTAL

5. – Enjoy

By reading this in full . . I am already wondered, why this app is topping the chart at #1!

The app in question

  • The name of the app is: Password for WhatsApp, We Chat, Photos. Here is a link to the app in question which is available for approx. $1
  • Apparently, two apps from this developer is trending in the Top Paid Apps chart & even the second one, FM Radio IOS 7 Edition is also a fake app & can be identified clearly by its title itself!




iTunes Team’s ignorance?

With the kind of reviews & rating this app has received so far – iTunes shouldn’t’ have approved this app in the first place. Glad that I kept my eyes open & did not buy it, but everyone who bought it, is requesting for cash back. ITunes team has been wonderful so far in quality testing the apps & their approval even for the version updates, but, this time it seems they showed some laziness in approving these apps.

Or maybe, I am lazy to go buy the app (not true) & see if it’s really useful or not. But then, that’s why review systems are in place so we can decide whether to buy any app or not, isn’t it? Do you think the app works as described? Does it really password protect WhatsApp of WeChat like other such apps available for Android?

Thanks to the reviewers

I really appreciate reviewers for writing their views & for saving us from the embarrassment if any.  I wish this post helps you get your money back.

My requests to all our readers

  • I ask you all to share this with your friends so that, they shouldn’t fall for this trap.
  • Share it enough so, Apple will take a note & take down the app if it’s really a fake one
  • Comment below with your experience with this app & any such fake apps you think are present in the App Store

Let it rain! Apple iTunes team, if you’re reading this — please be sure to take the necessary actions & help us restore the faith in you. Thanks.

Update 1: November 27, 2013

It’s been two days since I wrote this post & the ‘WhatsApp password protection’ app is still at number 1 in ‘Top Paid Apps’ chart on iTunes Store & the FM Radio for IOS 7 app has gone down 3 places to stay on #5 on the same chart.

Update 2: November 29, 2013

This is another update after two days’ interval. The app still shows at the top of the charts for paid apps & I can clearly see the number of poor ratings & more reviews have been added. Are you guys not sharing this enough? We want to make sure Apple is awake. Let’s hear a roar. There is no way we can let such apps steal people’s money.

Update 3: December 4, 2013

Our bad, the app still ranks at the top. This is craziest I have ever seen on the iTunes App Store yet. Whether or not they decide to remove it, be sure to let your friend know what to avoid. Thanks.


Update: December 10, 2013

This app in question still exists in the Top Chart; however, it has lost the first spot. The bad reviews are increasing for it & still Apple did nothing to kick this app out from the App Store.

Update: December, 15, 2013

Despite some people reporting & tweeting about it, some of them still went ahead & purchased this app. Bad reviews for this app keeps pouring in & still the app is managing its place in ‘Top Paid Apps’ chart on iTunes. Though, it’s no more on #1 spot. Be sure to let people know & we would want Apple to give some attention to such apps.

Update: January 13, 2014

This is getting over the top now. This app has received 39 reviews so far & everyone writing them is shouting for the refund. Also, they’ve clearly mentioned that, the app is fake & does not work at all.

Update: New fake apps keeps pouring-in

Wow, this was not enough, I suppose & that’s why more fake apps claiming to offer a passcode lock for WhatsApp messaging, are pouring into the iTunes App Store. The latest additions are ‘Passcode for WhatsApp messages’ (link) & ‘Code for WhatsApp’ (link). The first of them is now under Top Charts yet again with more than 12 negative reviews while, both the new apps carrying the same screenshots but with different pricing of $0.99 & $1.99 respectively.


It’s getting beyond my understanding about why & how difficult it is for the iTunes’ review team to catch these fake apps for the IOS, or maybe. . Do these apps bypassing the review process with a hack? My request to you is to make sure such cases are heard at Apple & be sure to share these instances with your friends. Thanks.


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