Manage your cables

In the majority of homes and offices, there will probably be a range of gadgets and other electrical appliances that make life easier and more entertaining. Without a TV, computer/laptop, tablet, smart phone or games console, life would be a hell of a lot harder, but organizing it all can be a challenge, especially with so many wires and plugs involved.

Having tidy technology can make finding what is plugged in where and which piece of tech is supposed to go where far easier, but how should it be done? Here, we have four tips for you to follow for keeping all your technology clean and tidy without any problems such as tangled wires and missing chargers:

Manage your cables

Cable management is often underrated, but it can do all sorts such as make it easy to find, which device is plugged in where and help improve airflow for desktop PCs and games consoles. Gamer and office workers in particular could make use of cable ties, clips to hold wires against the bottom or side of the desk or even consider having a desk hole for all the cables to go through.

Manage your cables

Consider some labels

Large businesses that have a lot of computers in their offices could do much worse than to consider asset labels to keep track of them all. Asset labels are perfect for inventory and security purposes, while they’re also pretty versatile. They can also be used in tablets, laptops, printers, file servers, scanners, photocopiers and furniture. Furthermore, a recent survey produced by showed that employees are considerably less likely to steal the companies’ belongings if they are clearly marked with an asset label.

Tidy up your desktop

This is a must if you want to be sure where all the most important files and most-used programs are. Having a desktop cluttered with dozens of icons for files/folders/programs you never access isn’t great, and sorting it yourself can take a lot of time. A program like Fences can do the hard work for you, identifying which programs should be sent to the recycle bin and what should stay.

Tidy up your desktop

Minimize your charging solutions

Having multiple chargers can be a pain, especially when you think you’ve lost one. To try and put this problem to bed, it might be worth investing in something like a docking station for multiple devices, especially if you have a range from the same tech company like Apple or Samsung. Having just one charger can make your home or office feel far less cluttered too.


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