OnLive Desktop: Get PC Applications on iPad via Cloud!

OnLive Desktop, is another innovative technology brought to you by, OnLive cloud gaming service. With OnLive Desktop, we can have seamless Windows desktop applications on an iPad without actually having them installed on a device. All thanks to cloud computing.

What is OnLive Service?

OnLive is a games-on-demand service, providing instant access to latest and popular game titles on PCs, MACs and TVs through one of its kind cloud-gaming technology, of course without needing to install them on actual devices.

OnLive services are available in US, UK and they’re expanding their reach in other parts of Europe and Asia in near future.

OnLive investors include some of the BIG names in the industry like, Warner Bros., Autodesk, AT&T, British Telecommunications, The Belgacom Group, HTC and Juniper Networks

OnLive Desktop for iPad

OnLive Desktop app is aimed at bringing Windows 7 softwares like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, through powerful application sharing server on cloud.

  • We can view, edit, save or do presentations using this app, right from our iPad.
  • We can transfer files between OnLive and other devices
  • Superior high-performance servers delivers seamless PC application
  • Faster cloud-based server delivering lag free videos, animations and application experience

OnLive Desktop app is free to download but the services are only available in US at the moment. It requires iPad / iPad 2 with iOS 4.3 or later with superfast WiFi Internet connection of 1.5 – 2 mbps for smoother experience. The services are only available for users of 18 years or above.

OnLive Desktop has several service plans including a FREE starter plan which offers 2GB free storage on cloud and the same storage appears as Documents on this app. Their other plans also include paid PRO accounts, enterprise services. See more plans here

Download Link

You can download OnLive Desktop from iTunes AppStore

Demo Video

More about OnLive Desktop

OnLive Desktoplooks pretty interesting and instead me telling more about it, it would be great if we try this with a FREE account – and see if this really suits our needs.

It surely looks like another gift of cloud computing technology at our fingertips.

OnLive team has plans of bringing this app on other platforms like PC and Mac through browsers, on iPhone and Android devices, and on TVs via micro console adapter having USB or Bluetooth keyboards and mouse.

Well, it looks like the world is coming closer with such cloud-based technology, isn’t it?

Have you installed it on your iPad?

Do share your experience with OnLive Desktop with us through comments.


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