Though I am not using Chrome BETA these days after the disappointment while it was BETA 5. Now the BETA version is 10 which is double in just several months and that’s what caught my attention.

Undoubtedly Chrome is getting improved a lot by Google at a very fast pace. I remember there was a version in which we were not able to scroll drop-down menus with the arrow keys, which was really frustrating.

3 Major Improvements in Google Chrome 10

  1. JavaScript Speed
  2. Sync Passwords
  3. Settings UI

In the spirit of the lunar new year, we’re excited to kick off the Year of the Rabbit with a slew of enhancements in the Chrome beta channel. Today’s new beta includes a dramatic improvement in JavaScript speed, new password sync features, and entirely revamped browser settings.


Chrome has significantly improved its speed to handle JavaScript Applications. According to their blog, the speed is improved by 66%. They have also incorporated new GPU based Flash Player to cut CPU load & improve battery life.

You may also check this performance here


They have introduced a Password Sync feature for those of you who enjoy the convenience of saving passwords. You can set an encrypted password to retrieve this list of saved passwords. Because the sync takes place in the cloud, you can use this across different computers like Office, Home or Laptop.

You can also sync bookmarks, preferences, themes, and extensions. This feature is available under Enable Sync option under ‘Personal Stuff’

Settings UI

Speaking of settings, you’ll notice the reworked the look and feel of the settings dialogs. Instead of opening in a separate window, they have now opened in a tab. More importantly, two new settings features that make it easy to customize Chrome to your liking.

Firstly, if you can’t remember where a particular pesky configuration setting is, simply type its name into the search box to see the settings that match as you type.

Secondly, you can also now jump directly to most settings pages using their own dedicated URLs, without needing to navigate through a sequence of windows.

This really sounds good to me. I would rather wait for a stable release of Google Chrome 10. 🙂

Image Source and link : Chrome Blog


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