I happened to dig more into website’s Google Page Rank because TechZoom was having a Page Rank ‘0’ & it’s Alexa Rank is improving greatly. So I thought of looking to page ranks etc.

So, I thought of installing a Google Toolbar while browsing through Chrome. And then I was surprised and confused – because – the said toolbar is not available for Chrome browse yet. It’s difficult for Google fans understand the reason behind this & so for me!

Google is bringing lot many things focused around Google Chrome – then, why not the toolbar?

Presently, Google Toolbar is only available for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google Toolbar’s information & features are said to be available through iGoogle (personalized homepage), but I couldn’t find it yet.

What I saw on the site

Workaround Solution

Since the straightforward method is not listed on its website – the alternative to get Google Page Rank information on Chrome,  is by installing an extension available on Google Chrome Web Store. May be, this is where the Chrome’s marketing secret lies! 🙂

Surprisingly (again), none of the listed extensions are developed by Google itself. 🙂

Here is the link to get the Google Page Rank Toolbar for Chrome.


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