How To Recover Deleted Files On Windows For Free

Many of us think that once you delete your files from your hardware, they’re gone for good and cannot be recovered ever. That’s actually not true; it is quite possible to recover the deleted files from Windows. Deleted files are not exactly deleted but are instead are just hidden, waiting to be overwritten by something else. That’s why it’s easier to recover data if it hasn’t been too long since it’s been deleted.

Given below are some helpful tips to guide you to recover and restore deleted files on Windows without any cost.

Stop using your computer

Yes, no kidding. First thing first, once you realize that your deleted files are not on Recycle Bin and you want to recover the deleted files. Immediately stop using your computer. As mentioned earlier, files are never deleted from the computer; they are just hidden waiting to overwritten by other data. To stop using your computer means that you shouldn’t install any heavy software or stream videos or music. It will only make it harder to recover the files.

Check your Recycle Bin

Check your Recycle Bin before doing anything else. You might be lucky enough to find it there and in perfect working order.  You can restore your deleted files from Recycle Bin by opening the Recycle Bin, choosing the files inside, and then just right-click those by choosing “Restore”. This is one of the simplest ways to recover deleted data, provided that they’re present on Recycle Bin. If they’re not, don’t worry there are other ways to restore your lost data.

Create file with original file name

One of the methods to recover the deleted file is to make is to create an exact same file name of the lost file. Then Check “Properties”, choose “Previous Version” and select the right file version to restore. However, this method is tricky because it requires you to remember the exact file name. Moreover, this may not work for deleted videos and audios files you want to restore. This method is only applicable if you want to restore document files.

Free Windows data recovery software

If the above-mentioned methods are ineffective in your case then what you need is professional data recovery software like Disk Drill. It’s a great and reliable tool to help you recover lost files and help you recover up to 100MB of data for free. It’s easy to use and have great features such as scan feature which help in finding file segments no matter how badly they were dispersed after deletion.

It is highly recommended to download the free windows data recovery software Disk Drill on a flash drive or some other drive that do not have the missing files on it. This will increase the chances of recovery of lost data quickly. Once you’ll install Disk Drill, open the app and it will list all the available drives on the scanned system. Select the ones that you want to recover and start the scan process by clicking “Recover” button.

Through Disk Drill, it is easy to recover deleted files or even lost partitions both for Windows and Mac. Through this software, you can easily recover files from Recycle Bin as well. You can check out the further information on their official website.