Just more than 12 hours after the announcement of the new iOS 5 from Apple and beta release of the OS for developers, the Dev-Team member @Musclenerd confirms tethered jailbreak of freshly cooked, ready to serve version.

He tweeted about it confirming the same by having Cydia & iSSH installed on iPod touch with iOS 5 beta.

These are the first pictures and detailed information will be available soon. But I am sure that the Dev-Team wouldn’t like to talk details about it until new OS is made available for public in anticipation that Apple might patch the hole (again)!

Dev-Team also confirmed via Twitter that over-the-air updates, activations will not make any difference to jailbreak iOS 5 devices. In fact, through jailbreaking it would even be possible to turn-off such updates in future to avoid any mistakes.

iOS5 jailbroken on ipt4g: via limera1n + tethered boot..not too many surprises 🙂

iOS 5: Dev-Team Confirms Tethered Jailbreak via Limera1n Exploit (Images)


iOS 5 is already available for developers and beta testers and we need iTunes 10.5 to be able to install or use iOS 5 devices.

iOS 5 jailbreak is tethered only. There are no tools available like Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze or Pwnage Tool at the moment.  There is no unlock available so its better to completely stay away from upgrading to iOS 5 unless you know what you’re doing.

Update #1

Apple released iOS 5 Beta 2 today. It is possible to jailbreak this new Beta 2 via Redsn0w. Just point at Beta 1 IPSW in Redsn0w. Note: This is for developers only.

More update to follow soon.



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