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Finally, yet another day with full of excitement for Apple fan-boys has arrived. It’s the WWDC event this time in Moscone Center, San Francisco. Like yesteryear – this time too we have another, more advanced mobile OS to play with. It’s iOS 6.

iOS Journey & release years

As expected,  this might not be as big as iOS 5 because, that was a major break-through for Apple to start thinking differently for their mobile OS. None the less, iOS 6 is also exciting, but change in its logo hinted for a definite UI change. 🙁

Dropping iPad 1 and iPod Touch 3rd generation from the list of supported devices on this new iOS is not a surprise at all. However, the surprise is – iPhone 3gs is supported while iPad 1 (which is similar to iPhone 4 hardware) is not supported! I think of it this way – Why would a commercial company support a newer software on a really older hardware not compatible enough. Also, even if they do support & if the hardware fails then, we would curse the company even more for supporting it than if they didn’t! 🙂

iOS 6 also has over 200+ new features, few bug fixes and few needed changes included for upgrading from the iOS 5.1.1. So, what all these new features are? Let’s check them out!

I am not sure whether to group them or not – so just posting them one per line! This list could be incomplete and will try to complete it asap and then arrange it neatly. So, till then – bear with my laziness. Also – this list does not include the iOS 6 API features list because, that will be huge!

Complete list of iOS 6 features

  1. Siri is now available on iPad 3 (Will wait & see if its coming to iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPhone 4)
  2. Newly designed App Store App. (I thought it would be like a  combination of iTunes App Store app & iTunes app. Both apps being now merged into one. Purchase history combined for Apps, Music, Videos, iBook etc. on one page. Looks like a Google Play Store kind of effort. But, this is not happening. At least not now. 🙁 )
  3. Redesigned iBookStore interface
  4. System-wide Share Menu for Apps, Music, Books or videos on Email, Facebook, Twitter, Messages or Copy item link to distribute. (Just like we share links on the web)
  5. New Apple Maps: As we knew already – there are no Google Maps on iOS anymore. (In partnership with TomTom & OpenStreetMap project)
  6. Multi-touch for rotations, zoom-in & out, change in angles.
  7. Maps with traffic information (user-driven feature by collecting anonymous data), integration with Yelp and over 100 million business places around the world.
  8. New maps has suggestions for shorter routes to pick & displays both turning point details if they’re close.
  9. Maps are integrated with Siri for directions and time left to reach
  10. New Maps are all vector maps with built-in info cards for places
  11. 3D View ON/OFF
  12. Flyover Maps – 3D integration in new maps. Real-time rendering of satellite view (Only available for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later)
  13. New Satellite view
  14. Report bugs about the maps
  15. Zooming-out to the fullest shows the Earth view. 
  16. Battery Percentage on iPod Touches (Not available in current beta)
  17. Includes French, German and Spanish dictionaries
  18. On/Off Switch for spoken turn-by-turn navigation / direction in new maps.
  19. Navigation is viewable on/from lock-screen
  20. Multitasking is available in landscape mode as well. (This should have been a fix in 5.1.1 instead)(Not available in current beta)
  21. Improved Siri: can now tell about latest sports updates, scores or game results including
  22. Siri is integrated with restaurants data using Yelp and OpenTable
  23. Siri has movies integrated including movie information, trailers, reviews and show-times with Yelp, IMDB and Fandango
  24. Siri can now launch apps (Finally!) 
  25. Siri is being worked on integrating with automobiles with many famous manufactures. Keep eyes on the road , not on mobile screen.
  26. Siri for 15 more countries being added including, French for Canada, Spanish for Spain, Mexico, and the US. Italian for Switzerland. Italian, German and Korean. (Siri can understand & speak their languages)
  27. Local searches are available worldwide
  28. Siri shows user’s information when asked about name
  29. Facebook’s deep integration into the iOS (Just like we saw Twitter in iOS 5)
  30. Facebook is fully integrated with Siri
  31. Siri can tell your current location 
  32. Facebook is integrated into the App Store of course including the Music and Videos for discovering more titles with friends.
  33. Facebook is also mixed with the contacts & calendars for Facebook events and birthdays.
  34. Faceboook API for app developers to include it
  35. New Phone App: Redesigned UI with new keypad
  36. Finally we have this. Now we can reject calls with a text message or voicemail. We had a fantastic I’m Busy SMS jailbreak tweak for this but now it’s added into the iOS itself. (A button next to ‘Slide to Answer’ – just like we have for a camera )
  37. Incoming call does not occupy the entire lock-screen
  38. Remind Me Later / Callback reminder: We can set callback reminders for the missed call by tapping ‘remind me later’. These reminder can be time-based or location-based (Like remind me when I am back in home / office)
  39. Custom pre-made message templates for rejecting the phone call.
  40. Do Not Disturb mode – A new settings mode if enabled – will not lit up the phone screen when you receive new notifications.
  41. Do Not Disturb has a fine tune settings to enable / disable it for selective phone numbers.
  42. Intelligently, it will put the phone call to ring considering it as an emergency if someone calls up too often in very short time. (Very interesting feature.)
  43. FaceTime is now available over Cellular / 3G / 4G (We can now safely assume the next iPhone is a 4G capable! Obvious, isn’t it? )
  44. Unify Apple ID with Phone Number: Now, we can pair our Apple ID with a phone number and this will allow us to continue receiving Face-time calls, iMessages on our iPad or Mac. (Cool isn’t it?)
  45. Improved Safari: Faster JavaScript performance
  46. iCloud Tabs on Safari: Get tabs from iPad or Mac over iCloud on to an iPhone or vice-a-versa
  47. Offline reading list in Safari (Only available for iPhone 4, iPad 2 or later)
  48. Upload photos / videos using web forms in Safari. (It was hell of a trouble & needed a jailbreak tweak to do this)
  49. Not just that – it can let you choose 2 options > Take a picture / video or Choose from Gallery
  50. Photo Streams: Available on all devices & has built-in photo sharing with live comments.
  51. Stream photos on Mac screensaver
  52. Photos app now shows notification badges for shared photos & comments
  53. Photo Steams have a granular control to pick with whom we want to share these pictures.
  54. Mail Enhancement: VIP mailbox, VIP List. Emails marked with VIP can be viewed & replied on from the lock-screen (Only available for iPhone 4, iPad 2 or later)
  55. Customize Notification for each mail account: Earlier, it was only possible to set notification for the entire, however – now we can pick different notification settings for each email account. Very good feature when we have multiple accounts set-up on iPhone.
  56. Pull-down to refresh mailboxes
  57. Ability to open password-protected documents from within the Mail
  58. Per account signature in
  59. Flag emails
  60. Attach photos and videos to email with ease
  61. Slight improvements in Weather app. (It looks cleaner and nicer than before)
  62. Same with the Stocks App.
  63. Passbook App (wallet app): New Passbook (with API for developers) app to store all the passes such as Movie Tickets, Boarding Passes in one united place. This app has a very neat UI.
  64. Passbook app can show updated information about the passes on to the Notification Center with location-based notifications. like: Change in movie time or change in boarding gates for the flight.
  65. Payments can be made & coupons can be redeemed using the Passbook app
  66. Shows updated balance as of current date & time.
  67. Passbook supports full QR Codes! (For the first time I am seeing this in a built-in iOS app)
  68. Guided Access for improved accessibility & fine tuning custom controls (Decide which area of the screen needs active)
  69. Single App Mode for iPad: Only one app can be used at a time. Very good for study & exams. They can’t open Safari to look for answers on the web. No other distraction due to full-screen mode. Some schools have already used this for tests.
  70. Voice-over Gestures
  71. Lost Mode: Allows to send a phone number on to the iPhone screen so that. whoever finds it can just tap on the number to call back. 🙂 (Thanks Tawe for the correction)
  72. You can also see location trails if the device locations are changing.
  73. Ability to pair Bluetooth from within the apps
  74. Game Center improvements: Ability to play multi-player games with iPad and Mac
  75. Game Center can be synced with OS X
  76. Almost all the in-built apps have been improved. (Possibly re-written for bigger screen iPhone. We’ll soon find it out)
  77. full-screen Safari in landscape mode
  78. Improved performance for Chinese users. Chinese can be typed more easily & faster
  79. In-built Chinese dictionary
  80. Double the amount of handwritten Chinese characters
  81. Safari will have built-in Baidu search engine
  82. More easier way for sharing photos, videos with Chinese Internet services such as Youku and Tudou
  83. Personal Dictionary on iCloud: When users add a word into a dictionary – it will be added on all other devices through iCloud. (including China users)
  84. Download updated in-built dictionaries as new words being added & released
  85. New Clock App for iPad and with a new icon 🙂
  86. Season-wise episodes view-able in Video app
  87. Modified settings app – now settings are grouped differently.
  88. New Privacy setting
  89. New notification settings under the title Government Alerts such as – AMBER Alert & Emergency Alerts (in US)
  90. Send Tweets or Facebook status updates from the Notification Center (Kind of NC widget)
  91. Enhanced iCloud integration with more functionality & tweaks.
  92. Documents on iCloud: All documents from Apple apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc ) accessible via iCloud & the same is made available to third-party apps via API.
  93. Voice Diction for iPhone 4S or higher (and of course iPad 3 or higher)
  94. More option available for sharing a web page in Safari as well (Fb, Twitter, Mail, Message, Print, Copy, Bookmark etc)
  95. Post to Twitter directly from Siri
  96. Siri can speak out notifications
  97. Post high scores from Game Center to Facebook
  98. Take photos / videos or choose from the library w/o leaving Safari
  99. Game Center friends from Facebook
  100. IPv6 support for WiFi and LTE
  101. Improved HDR support
  102. Redesigned Music app with silver UI (we wanted this for entire OS – which isn’t happening)
  103. Banner overlay on screen for Music Previews
  104. and… Music Preview history
  105. New Default Album Art (For songs with missing album art)
  106. Song search in Music app displays ‘Continue search on iTunes Store’ at the bottom of the search results.
  107. Shuffle & Repeat turns Orange when active.
  108. Volume Slider shine changes depending upon the tilt angle of the device. (Amazing detailing by Apple)
  109. New interface elements for Songs player
  110. ‘New’ ribbon overlay for newly installed apps
  111. Song as Alarm tone: Yes, now we can pick a song to assign as Alarm tone.
  112. In Store App – there is a ‘Open’ button for installed apps
  113. Buy favorite apps without leaving the app you’re already in.
  114. In Safari – search results also show Apps
  115. Kernel ASLR for more security
  116. Global Network proxy for HTTP
  117. Improved keyboard layouts
  118. Auto correction for all keyboards
  119. In contacts – all the contact’s info fields are searchable
  120. Ability to sort or omit contacts by Groups, Facebook contacts or iCloud contacts
  121. Word highlights for the speech support
  122. Reading-out selected texts – it asks for which language to use!
  123. Made for hearing aids (iPhone 4S and above only)
  124. Maps, AssistiveTouch and Zoom gets improved VoiceOver commands for better Accessibility
  125. Redesigned Camera App interface (Not too much but yes!)
  126. Settings for messages have an option for “Show iMessage notifications for Everyone or My Contacts Only”
  127. Find My Friends feature: Good for parents to see location-based notifications to know when & where their kids are! (We saw this App last October, didn’t we?)
  128. App Store stays open when downloading apps in the background.
  129. App Store also shows download progress bar.
  130. Status bar matches with the App’s background color for headings. (Small addition but looks pretty.)
  131. There is no Lock icon anymore on the lockscreen (But, does this count as a feature?)
  132. Download or update already purchased or installed apps without entering the password again. (Thanks WestonGirot for these)
  133. New Emoji / Emoticons
  134. Full access to M.A.P (Message Access Profile) for Bluetooth. Which means, system can control, voice-in and read-out-loud all text messages and emails that are sent or received while the phone is connected in the vehicle. No more texting and driving. (This was not possible before iOS 6 due to Apple’s restrictions over MAP.Thanks Michael for this update.)
  135. In the iPad settings, there are separation bars on the left. (Thanks lakerice for this & about current beta updates)
  136. Stream songs using iTunes Match – No need to download songs if you only want to listen to it by simple online streaming. (Thanks lakerice. )
  137. Safari Web Inspector for Developers on iPhone & iPad through Safari’s ‘Remote debugging’ interface. (Similar to Chrome for Android Remote Debugging. See the video. Thanks Icky for the update)
  138. Smart App Banners in Safari prompting to download native app from the App Store when viewing mobile version of the website.
  139. A new MUSIC EQ mode – Late Night Mode 🙂
  140. Brightness bar moves automatically when adjusting the brightness as per the light
  141. Brightness setting is moved inside ‘Wallpapers & Brightness’
  142. Now we also have New wallpapers
  143. Wallpaper previews are now show current screens instead of a pre-made template
  144. ‘Time since last full charge ‘ is now available on iPad & iPod Touch
  145. on iPad is available in iOS 6 through Siri. but not visible on Home Screen or Spotlight search. (Tell Siri to – “Open Stocks App”. I think this app will get its place on home-screen in next beta . Else, you already know what people shout about the company)
  146. Spotlight search also shows the name of the folder the app is nested in. (Easy if you have lots of apps installed. However, Siri can find it for you anyways)
  147. Shutdown spinner now has retina resolution. (I don’t know if we can call this a feature, however – weird that, it was neglected for 2 years. )
  148. Safari on iPad can open up to 25 Tabs
  149. Safari shows ‘cannot open page because the device is not connected to the Internet’ message on a page instead of a pop-up error message.
  150. Long press in Safari’s navigation buttons shows history to go back or forward on specific pages.
  151. Enhanced photos add a ‘-fix’ in the image file name when saved.
  152. Find My iPhone: Also shows the battery charge status
  153. Long hold the ‘compose new mail’ button & you can see two options: New Mail or Select from draft
  154. Improved calendar UI: To reflect alignment issues on weekdays (Thanks ForeverTanner)
  155. Share Calendar from within the app
  156. Improved notification system through iCloud. Apple has fixed the multiple – duplicate notifications across devices. If you read a notification on one device – it won’t bother you on another device. This has been achieved by routing notification through iCloud. Interesting.
  157. Pop-up notification boxes are slightly improved in design
  158. Apps now require user’s permission to get access to data. The same can be enabled or disabled from settings. (This is mandatory for Photos, Reminders, Contacts, and Calendars. Not just that, the devs will have to mention a purpose for such access to the users via provided API)
  159. App Store and iTunes are combined in Settings app. (Thanks lakerice for these. I think combining this within settings also suggests a possible merging of these two apps in near future.)
  160. When listening to podcast or Audio-books, the players skip buttons will change to allow 15 seconds of rewind / skip buttons on both, lockscreen and multitasking bar.
  161. Custom Vibrations for alerts
  162. In Safari – Google search displays in secure mode even if not logged-in to Google account. (Thanks Icky)
  163. Also, if you click on maps shown in Google search results – Safari shows Google Map’s web app. Which in earlier versions was opening the powered by Google.
  164. Ability to adjust speed to activate double or triple taps to Home. Settings are: Default, Slow or Slowest
  165. New tab of Safari is added to immediate right of the current tab instead of adding it to the extreme right after all the tabs.
  166. If Turn-by-Turn navigation push is active & you open another app – then a banner on top will appear to notify about the next turn.
  167. If you have upcoming events then the Notification Center will show current date above those Calendar events.
  168. In ‘About’ settings – we can now copy long values such as Serial Number, WiFi Address by long-hold tap on them & then copy.
  169. EU volume limit is OFF but can be turned ON or OFF. So, music is louder through headphone in European region if its turned OFF.
  170. Reminders app now shows badges for pending to-do list items.
  171. Mailboxes can be re-arranged in
  172. Another attention to details in Music app when the device is turned-left & turned-right
  173. In App Store app – we can now see app’s screenshots / images in full-screen mode.
  174. App Store app also shows ‘Updates’ history for an app
  175. Double-tapping on a date in Calendar app takes us to the ‘Day’ view.
  176. Volume can be changed in real-time while Siri is speaking. (Earlier, the changes would only apply next time)
  177. Now we can click pictures using both, Volume-Up and Volume-Down buttons. (In iOS 5 we could use only UP button. Thanks metman for this)
  178. JPEG re-sampling is improved in Safari for Retina Displays.
  179. Searching in Messages app shows time-stamps
  180. iTunes shows TOP 25 Apps list continuously shows more apps automatically w/o clicking ‘load more’ button.
  181. Manual re-ordering for Reminders (Thanks lakerice)
  182. Bluetooth controls are on first page of settings (Instead of Settings > General.)
  183. Merge two contacts into one. This is essentially good to avoid duplicates since we now have Facebook & iCloud contacts as well. (Thanks metman)
  184. Cellular Data ON/OFF Toggles for iCloud Documents, Facetime & iTunes
  185. Browsing History through iCloud for Apps, Music, Videos, TV Shows and Books’ store.. (So, we can browse them on iPhone & then buy them from iPad. This will make life a lot easier)
  186. “Open in..” (or we can say, ‘open with’) for Docs / PDF’s has a new screen matching the unified ‘Share’ screen in Safari.

[Continued…] iOS 6 Beta 2 features

  1. New ‘+’ icon in Photos app to add more photo albums. (No need for Edit > Add)
  2. Maps offer directions to home from your current location as default in search! (Friendly eh?)
  3. Usage setting shows grouped data but with breakdown of Camera Roll & Photo Streams
  4. WiFi Networking as an added item with toggles in Location Services list
  5. Guided Access Mode can essentially let us disable Home button in addition to on-screen options as mentioned in #66 above  (Awesome! Now, I can stop my son from hitting it when I want him to learn what i show him on screen.)
  6. Calendar events now show End Time for items along with date & start time in Notification Center
  7. Cellular Data toggle for Reading List
  8. Delete games from Game Center
  9. Photo Streams now has On / OFF toggle in Settings app. Essentially to decide whether to use this feature or not.
  10. App Store now automatically checks for updates & display badges. (No need to open App Store to see & sync number of updates available. Thanks Suhayl for an email about it)
  11. Mute a call using Volume Up-Down buttons
  12. Siri now has more human-like voice.
  13. Switch back to Camera using Volume Up/Down buttons when reviewing a clicked picture.

[Continued…] iOS 6 Beta 3 features

  1. Roadwork and traffic accidents now showing up in Maps app
  2. Answer and Decline buttons for FaceTime calls have returned
  3. iMessage on iPad now accepting phone number as valid contact info (for unified accounts)
  4. New Maps tab in Settings app. Volumes, Distances, Map labels can be customized. (Of course, Voice for maps won’t be available on older devices)
  5. Late night mode and EU Volume, default limit removed
  6. Slight UI change for mono audio under Accessibility
  7. UI changes for volume limit
  8. Shared photo streams on all devices
  9. VIP mail support added to iPod touch 4g and iPhone 3GS (Thanks ‘Icky chicken licks’ for all these updates)
  10. Downloading Free Apps from the App Store does not prompt for password. (This could be a nice addition if continued for final release. Thanks metman for this update)
  11. Users can choose AirPlay supported external speakers from Apple TV to play music
  12. Mail app has new icons for Trash, Archives etc.
  13. New enhancements in 3D Maps and also includes lot many cities.
  14. Siri is now available under AssistiveTouch feature

[Continued…] iOS 6 Beta 4 features

  1. WiFi + Cellular Data toggle in settings allow apps to fall-back to Cellular data if WiFi connection is performing low
  2. New Bluetooth sharing under Privacy Settings
  3. Auto Layout: is a big new API feature but worth mentioning here. Read another post about Auto Layout.

[Continued…] iOS 6 GM features

  1. Panorama Camera for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th gen
  2. Limit ad tracking under Settings > Gen > About > Advertising
  3. YouTube is no more a part of iOS. This may not be a ‘feature’ but a major change. You can download YouTube App separately from iTunes App Store.
  4. Under Mail settings – we can now pick number of push notifications to show in Notification Center


  1. Reorder applications on Apple TV by holding down the Select button on remote.

iOS 6.1 Beta 1

  1. Ability to report bugs in Apple Maps
  2. Improvement on lockscreen music controls, matching the Music app interface.
  3. LTE availability for more countries
  4. Ability to buy movie tickets through Fandango when we search for movies in Siri.

iOS 6.1 Beta 4

  1. Improved security for all iOS devices.
  2. Improvement & fix for Exchange mail account push notifications

iOS 6.1 Final Release Features

  1. iTunes Match – Download single song from iCloud.
  2. Button for resetting Advertising Identifier.

iOS 6.1.1 Beta 1 Features

  1. Includes numerous improvements in Apple Maps for Japan such as, Improved pronunciations, Upcoming toll roads, 3D buildings and more.
  2. And . . . more coming soon (may be) 🙂

Now, if you’re one of those wondering why many points are not grouped instead of putting them on another number – Here is my answer to you: We don’t know how Apple counted those 200 features, at least not me. 🙂 We’ll sort & group this list when we see more betas and more features. Sounds good?

Do you know a new feature in iOS 6 not listed here? Contact us online.


This list is not complete as again this time Apple announced another 200+ new features in iOS 6 – so, stay tuned and I will update in details very soon, just like we saw in iOS 5.

Though, the UI is not completely redesigned which could be a big turn-off for many. I knew there won’t be any so I tweeted about it to hint earlier today. We haven’t heard yet about the widgets and system toggles but, lets wait to explore more.

And, yes – Apple added many features in later improved versions of iOS 5 betas. Let’s not rule that out. We may only get to know all the iOS features as the iOS 6 beta progresses.

iOS Devices & their Features compatibility

Feature iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPod Touch 4G iPad 2 iPad 3
Flyover in Maps App No No Yes No Yes Yes
Turn-by-turn in Maps App No No Yes No Yes Yes
Shared Photo Streams No No Yes No Yes Yes
FaceTime over 3G N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Siri No No Yes No No Yes
VIP in Mail App No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Offline Reading List in Safari No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Made for iPhone hearing aids No No Yes No No No

Update #1: iOS 6 Beta 1 Released

As told in the Key Note – iOS 6 Beta 1 – 10A5316k build (was leaked way before the event, however links were not active) is now available for download for all the supported devices including Apple TV 2. Remember – These beta versions can only be installed on UDID registered devices – typically only intended for developers. You will also need iTunes 10.6.3 to be able to install iOS 6 which is also released today along with Xcode 4.5 developer preview. Here are the beta 1 zip download links posted by MacRumors.

Update #2: iOS 6 Beta 2 Released

Apple today released iOS 6 beta 2 to developers via OTA. The size is about 322 MB and this beta includes some improvements. The settings icon is animated on OTA screen & this interesting but unlike Apple we know.  I hope the Music app crashing issue is fixed.  We will soon find out what’s new in it. iOS 6 Beta 2 will expire on July 31, 2012 & that’s the time, we can expect iOS 6 Beta 3 to release.

Update #3: iOS 6 Beta 3 Released

iOS 6 Beta 3 is now seeded to developers. The update size varies from 330 MB to 440 MB depending upon the device. The list above is updated with new iOS 6 beta 3 features. If you see any changes / additions or new features in Beta 3 then, do contact us with details 🙂

Update #4: iOS 6 GM Released

Sorry for this delayed update, and we missed some happening here, not much though. Apple seeded iOS 6 GM immediately after the iPhone 5 keynote.

Update: iOS 6 Release Date

iOS 6 is set for public release on September 19, 2012 

Update: iOS 6 is now Officially Released

As told before, Apple officially released iOS 6 for public today. The update may not be available for everyone right-away, so don’t get disappointed and wait for few minutes to refresh.

Update: iOS 6.0.1

The minor update version of iOS 6.0.1 is now released with few bug fixes such as

  • iPhone 5 OTA update issue
  • Horizontal lines displaying on keyboard on some devices
  • Improvement on iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5th gen encrypted WiFi connectivity issue
  • Cellular connectivity issues
  • Passcode lock bug
  • Microsoft Exchange bug

However, a major upgrade 6.1 to fix several of iOS 6 features including maps is expected in early January 2013. Meanwhile,  lets wait for this new release which should happen next week.

iOS 6.1 Beta 1

Expected this but arrived a lot early iOS 6.1 Beta 1. After this Maps fiasco, WiFi connectivity issues & disappointment over certain performance issues, 6.1 beta will try to fix everything for us. Lets see if it does.

  • Apple Maps – ‘report a bug’ option is available
  • Lockscreen music controls are now changed a bit & spaced out little more.

iOS 6.1 Beta 3 Released

Apple has started seeding another iOS 6 recipe for developers. Will be updating more about it. Developers can download it via OTA.

iOS 6.1 Beta 4 Released

The fourth iteration for iOS 6.1 has been released for developers, which means we’re very close to receive a final 6.1 public update. There are certain changes made into this version which primarily aims at strengthening security on iOS devices.

iOS 6.1 – Public Release Available

Apple seeded a new update of iOS 6.1 to public via OTA (about 105MB) and includes extended support for more LTE carriers on iPhone 5, iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad for 17 countries and few more improvements on various aspects.

iOS 6.1.1 – Beta 1 seeded

Apple has started seeding iOS 6.1.1 Beta 1 to the developers just after the one week from the iOS 6.1 release.  The new iOS 6 untethered jailbreak tool Evasi0n is not yet patched in this beta version BUT at the same time – Evasi0n is not ready to jailbreak 6.1.1 beta. It is advised by makers to stay away from updating to iOS 6.1.1 beta to preserve jailbreak and unlock.

Update: iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S to Fix 3G issue

Apple has fixed a 3G connection issue on multiple iPhone 4S, faced when upgraded to iOS 6.1.1. You can download the update via iTunes, OTA or download IPSW here.

Update: iOS 6.1.2 Released

iOS 6.1.2 update has been released to fix Exchange bug causing higher network activity and battery drain issue. This update also fixes the passcode bug that could let by-pass the lock-screen.

Update: iOS 6.1.3 released

Apple released approx. 19MB iOS update 6.1.3 to fix lock-screen bug where it was possible to bypass the pass-code screen. This update also includes some improvements in Apple Maps app for Japan.

iOS 6.1.4 released

Apple today (May 2, 2013) released another minor version 6.1.4 with audio profile fix for speakerphones with a approx. 11MB update.

If you find features that aren’t listed here then please feel free to comment below or contact us with list of new features you want us to include here. Thanks in advance 🙂

Enjoy and do come back for more updates in the list. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for more tech updates.

Cheers 🙂


  1. in the app store, ive noticed that it doesnt ask for a password for free apps, i havent tried any paid ones. but this maybe a new feature with beta 3. not sure if this is just a glitch or not

    • @Icky chicken licks it also add Siri (on supported devices) to assistive touch, and voice controll(on older devices)

  2. – Roadwork and traffic accidents showing up in Maps app
    – Answer and Decline buttons for FaceTime calls have returned
    – iMessage on iPad now accepting phone number as valid contact info
    – Greater 3D Flyover coverage in Maps
    – Glyphs for bookmarks, Reading List, and history in Safari
    – Auto-brightness changes gradually
    – new maps tab in settings
    -late night mode and EU volume limit removed
    – slightly changed mono audio Ui in accessibility
    – volume limit UI changed
    -VIP mail support added to iPod touch 4g and iPhone 3GS

  3. – Roadwork and traffic accidents showing up in Maps app
    – Answer and Decline buttons for FaceTime calls have returned
    – iMessage on iPad now accepting phone number as valid contact info
    – Greater 3D Flyover coverage in Maps
    – Glyphs for bookmarks, Reading List, and history in Safari
    – Auto-brightness changes gradually
    – new maps tab in settings
    -late night mode and EU volume limit removed
    – slightly changed mono audio Ui in accessibility
    – volume limit UI changed

      •  @aaronfloyd The voice is slightly different from iOS 5.x, Apple has tweeked the voice a little to make Siri’s speech more natural, i.e. less robotic. It’s a good step i the right direction, to say the least.

      •  @aaronfloyd  The voice is slightly different from iOS 5.x, Apple has tweeked the voice a little to make Siri’s speech more natural, i.e. less robotic. It’s a good step in the right direction, to say the least.

      •  @aaronfloyd There is a slight difference. Also — Siri sounds even better in beta 3. I can’t wait for the final release. 

  4. Has anyone else’s photos disappeared in iOS 6 b2? I can see them in the button to access the photos through the camera but they aren’t there!

  5.  @TechZoomOrg  In the table above, it says that iPhone 4 will support FaceTime over cellular, but in it says only iPad 2 and iPhone 4S or later which is weird because after the keynote i saw in that iPhone 4 supports it…

    •  @OriKushnir iOS 6 Beta 1 will expire on July 17, 2012. & just before that we can expect iOS 6 beta 2 release in July. – that’s a long way, but yes – beta 1 has way too many known issues which needs to be fixed first 🙂

      •  @TechZoomOrg Another tihng:In the table above, it says that iPhone 4 will support FaceTime over cellular, but in it says only iPad 2 and iPhone 4S or later which is wired because after the keynote i saw in that iPhone 4 supports it…

  6. **EVERYONE**

    I have a question about the .notes app.

    Are there any changes to the notes app, as I was hoping for the following:

    Rich text content input; Bold, Underline, Italics?

    Are there any new fonts?

    Can you attach and place in photos or videos in a note yet?

    I say this actually out of concern, because (I don’t have a Mac just yet, however I will soon), however – on the Mac I am pretty sure you will have these abilities in OSX Mountain Lion, and with total iCloud syncing integration of many aspects of app across all iDevices, Macs, and even now, well – how would that fragmentation work?

    • @Michael_Blank no it doesn’t. But this is just beta 1 so don’t rule it out. As for the fragmentation I have no idea what you mean.

      • @Icky chicken licks What I mean by fragmentation is, if you take a look a OSX Mountain Lion, you will see and notice all these rich text features and inputing of photos are a part of the Notes app, and it states the Notes app syncs over iCloud to all your iDevices, so that is what I am confused of how that will work.

        •  @Michael_Blank  @Icky Yes! You’re right. Now, we will have to wait until another Beta versions are launched. Or else, this means read-only access to such formatted notes on iDevices. 🙂

        • @TechZoomOrg @Michael_Blank @Icky well if you click on the notes app in settings there are 3 fonts to choose from but you can’t change fonts from the notes app yet. Hopefully they add more rich text options in a new beta. Maybe next week?

        • @TechZoomOrg @Icky Is anyone here onthe forum has an Apple Developer Acoount, if so would you kindly submit feedback as to this missing aspect to IOS6.0, Big Thanks!

        •  @Michael_Blank  I think everyone is aware of this issue & I am sure Apple engineers too 🙂

        • @TechZoomOrg @Michael_Blank do you think apple is aware of how slow ios5 and IOS 6 made the ipodtouch 4g? It’s been over a year and still no fix.

        • I think the number of complaints about iPod Touch 4g with iOS 5 & then severity of the issue would lead to a major change! Are you sure if the slowness is for everyone? 

        • @TechZoomOrg all of my friends and anyone I’ve talked to have had the same issue. Apple even replaced my device and when I got the new device I did a clean restore. But no difference. If a buch of apple developers complained the issue would be resolved. But since I am not a dev I can’t complain, and i also have found a few forum posts on the apple forums about this issue.

        • @TechZoomOrg all of my friends and anyone I’ve talked to have had the same issue. Apple even replaced my device and when I got the new device I did a clean restore, but no difference! If a buch of apple developers complained, then the issue would be resolved. But since I am not a dev I can’t complain, and i also have found a few forum posts on the apple forums about this issue.

  7. in the contacts app, you can link two or more contacts together, and make them one. perfect for those facebook duplicates lol

  8. no disrespect to the engineers at Apple but most of new features in iOS6 seem very minor.  This feels more like an iOS 5.5 than a full-version upgrade.  The competition is gaining fast & won’t take much to surpass iOS if Apple keeps at this pace. 

    • I completely agree with you @smulji ! These features should have more significance like it did in iOS 5.  However, Apple never released a version beyond x.4.x . iOS 4 was 4.3.5. Also – rolling a new full version every seems to be their policy. & we can’t complain about it. Mozilla is releasing new full versions life Firefox 11, 12 & 13 in very short period, which means they’re dropping the minor versions. 

      •  @TechZoomOrg Fair enough.  But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about going to Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 when they are released.

  9. Nice list, but I found a few errors.

    #66: The one who finds the phone does not need to put in his/her own SIM card. The phone will make the call using the card that was already in there i.e. using your subscription. Also, when lost mode is on the phone will regularly report its location to the Find my iPhone service, so you can see where it has been even if you were not continuously logged on to Find my iPhone.

    #79: Ping is not new, it has been around the iTunes store on the iPhone since 2010 and it has been performing so poorly that the roumors are that Apple will remove it this fall.

    •  @lakerice Hey, this is added & also added features you mentioned in comments. Some of them were already posted above, so only new ones are added to the list. Not approving all the lengthy comments to 1] limit the scroll 2] avoid duplicate bit. Nothing else bro 🙂

        •  @lakerice hehe, I agree. But, as I said – we don’t know what Apple meant when they again said 200+ features in iOS 6. So lets have it there until we reach to at least to a point where we have a list of 202 iOS features 🙂 . What say? 

    •  @Gino Marquetti I am not sure if there are any new features for Apple TV included in it yet. If somebody can install this beta on Apple TV, we can know more. 🙂

  10. Tiny, tiny features but it shows how detailed Apple is.

  11. Edit:
    For the 52. Weather feature, the reason it looks cleaner is because the weather icons(like the sun and rain) are flatter.
    There’s no longer a lock icon on the top bar in the lock screen.
    There’s a dedicated Photo Stream tab button on the Photos app.
    There’s PROBABLY (haven’t seen it yet) new maps in the Photos app Places button.
    Clocks app on iPhone changed slightly, the arms are no longer pointy.
    The pinstripes in the Clock background have been toned down slightly,
    All stock apps buttons are flatter and less shiny.
    Game Center has a Challenges tab button.
    App Store and iTunes have redesigned black UI.
    New Settings Icon.

    And don’t forget to add Icky chicken licks new options when you hold down the .com on Safari

    And don’t forget to add Icky chicken licks volume limit feature.

    • @smulji I have it on my iPod touch 4g it’s slow but AWESOME! But why else can we expect from a beta! Safari is much more stable than it was on iOS 5.

    • @smulji I have it on my iPod touch 4g it’s slow but AWESOME! But why else can we expect from a beta! Safari is much more stable than it was on iOS 5.

  14. I have a new feature under the setting>safari>advanced settings there is a new web inspector also the URL bar has a slightly different color change.

  15. Hey tushar, how do find all of these features/changes I mean most of these I would never notice unless I read It here.

  16. You can stream your tracks using iTunes Match:

  17. Disclaimer: there may be these features later but not right now.
    There’s a relocated Bluetooth area in settings.
    There’s no iOS Dictionary app for number 13.
    There’s no multitasking windows on the iPad for number 17.
    There’s no iStore app for number 3.
    There’s no battery percentage on iPod for number 12.
    The status bar changes color to natch the app you’re using.
    In the iPad settings, there are seperation bars on the left.

  18. Disclaimer: there may be these features later but not right now.
    There’s a relocated Bluetooth area in settings.
    There’s no iOS Dictionary app for number 13.
    There’s no multitasking windows on the iPad for number 17.
    There’s no iStore app for number 3.
    There’s no battery percentage on iPod for number 12.
    The status bar changes color to match the app you’re using.
    In the iPad settings, there are seperation bars on the left.

  19. Tushar,

    Here is a feature that you did not list, that is a huge one for me:

    Many vehicles today including Ford’s My Touch infotainment system and well as standard Ford SYNC will now support the ability to fully handel and voice in and read out loud all text messages and emails that are received while the phone is connected in the vehicle, and sync the data to and from the phone.

    Now, up untill IOS 6 this could not happen, the reason was Apple has had a feature locked in Bluetooth from the very beginning!

    It’s call the “M.A.P.” profile, “Mesage Access Profile” for bluetooth, this will fully allow the handeling of emails and texts transmissions via Bluetooth!

    So no more dangerous texting and driving, it can all be done now hands free!

  20. Hey Tushar, did you get my twitter directions from lakerice?  As soon as Apple announced iOS 6, I thought of the list.

    •  @guptashubham123 I am sure people would like to know what Apple meant by more than 200 features! They loved it the last time I posted about iOS 5 – hope they like it this time too.  I am surprised with the number at the moment – but last time too Apple added many features in later versions of developer previews. I suspect the same thing. 

    •  @ForeverTanner Haha! Thanks for stopping by again and pleased to see you saw the iOS 5 list as well! Will update this list soon, just  before. Cheers 🙂

      • @TechZoomOrg @ForeverTanner yeah The iOS 5 list was great! Are you positive Siri is supported on iPod touch 4g?

        • @Icky chicken licks That’s what I was wondering too, because I haven’t heard it mentioned anywhere else.

        •  @ForeverTanner  @Icky Lol – thanks for the heads-up. Looks like its been dropped for now! I removed it from above & also updated the list.  Cheers guys 🙂


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