iPhone Tweak: Reject / Decline Calls via I am Busy SMS

This is another feature that was missing from iPhone but was available on almost all the Nokia phones since the beginning. This feature is ain’t coming as a part of new iOS 5 features either but a very well made tweak is available for jailbroken iPhones through Cydia.

So what is this function exactly?

Well, It is a feature that can reject or decline incoming calls by SMS in a single tap without tapping the red ‘Decline’ button. By doing this way we actually don’t answer the phone call but still send a notification to the caller that we have received your call but we can’t answer it . Something that sort.

This function is very handy if you’re busy or if you don’t feel like talking on the phone and not want to ignore the caller completely.

What is ‘I’m Busy SMS’

‘I’m Busy SMS’ is a jailbreak tweak to bring above mentioned function to an iPhone. This tweak is well thought of & fits very well with the incoming call screen too. I was looking for this feature on Cydia for few years now and wondered why no developer thought of this before. Fortunately, it is now available and thanks to M. Ringwald and R. Wetzel for developing it. (Developers of BTstack and BTstack Keyboard)

With “I’m Busy SMS” you can decline an incoming call and send a predefined SMS text message to the caller with a single finger slide.

Have you ever been in a meeting or another situation that did not allow you answer an incoming call? But you wanted the caller to let know that you will call back as soon as possible? With “I’m Busy SMS” this is finally possible. Define your message text in the device settings. If there’s an incoming call simply slide the button and the call gets declined and your message is sent to the caller with an SMS text message. Please note that the caller may be redirected to Voice Mail by declining the call. An accoustic signal confirms the sending of the message.

Costs for sending SMS text messages may apply, according to your price plan.

No new icons will be added to your home screen. You can configure options from your Settings app.


iPhone Tweak: Reject / Decline Calls via I am Busy SMS

iPhone Tweak: Reject / Decline Calls via I am Busy SMS

What makes this even better?

On the fly, it looks a nice tweak that does its job but it’s not just that. We can define prefixes like country code, carrier code in settings so that the slider will only appear for phone numbers starting with prefixes allowed. Which is why I said it is a well thought tweak.

Like in India, most mobile phone numbers begin with +919, +918, +917 which are capable of receiving text messages but fixed line (land line) phone numbers begin with +912 or +910 (as seen with incoming calls on mobile) which are not capable of receiving text messages.

Hence, we can only mention prefixes of our choice except land line numbers on which sending SMS message would be a complete waste. Isn’t that a cool feature?

How to get this tweak?

It works on iPhone with iOS 4 or higher and is available via BigBoss Repo as a commercial package for $2.99.


‘I’m Busy SMS’ is a worth its price considering the loaded features. You won’t be disappointed. I liked it, hope you like it too.

Update: This is now a part of iOS 6 features

Not exactly this app, but similar feature is now a part of iOS 6 features. You will need it for iPhones without iOS 6 installed.



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