No Talking, No Texting while Driving with PhoneGuard

I do not understand why an app needs to tell us not to talk on phone or text while driving or do this for us, but seems like many people definitely need it and which is probably the reason for PhoneGuard app introduction.

We all know, drinking (alcohol) and then driving is not safe. Similarly, talking on mobile phones or text messaging while driving is equally dangerous for a person as well as for others on streets. In countries like India, it is a punishable crime but humans don’t follow the rules, do they?

According to recent study, distractions like talking on phone or text messaging while driving is the leading cause of death among teens in US as well as many other countries.

What is PhoneGuard

PhoneGuard’s Drive Safe™ Software “safe driving mobile application” is easy-to-use software that helps ensure safe and legal use of mobile phones while driving. PhoneGuard’s Drive Safe™ Software is the practical answer to the problem of distracted driving; it activates automatically when you start to drive and applies customizable safe driving policies to help protect you, your family, and/or employees.

If the current speed is higher than 10 mph, the PhoneGuard Drive Safe™ application locks the phone by displaying our custom lock screen on top of everything else running on the phone. By doing this PhoneGuard Drive safe™ effectively locks the screen; rendering it impossible to read or write text messages, e-mails, or any other activity that requires you to look at the screen. PhoneGuard Drive Safe™ is an all-encompassing solution to the many distracting activities that require you to look at your phone, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road.

PhoneGuard Features

The primary feature of this app is, not to let person talk or text on phone while driving and return back to normal when not in motion. Fine. But there are few more interesting features.

  • PhoneGuard works using an Admin module. So it can be installed by parents or employers on phones used by their children or employees to track their speeds and to check if they’re really trying to use their phones while driving.
  • If they’re crossing the max speed-limit set on the app then ad admin will receive a text message warning + a Google Map link with exact location of exceeding the speed limit.
  • If someone is trying to call or sends a text message while you’re driving – the caller will receive an automated text message about driving safe and using PhoneGuard
  • Phone calls can be received or made using handfree or Bluetooth accessories

I would insist you to see three videos I am attaching below.

Download Links

PhoneGuard is available on Blackberry with OS 5.x, Android with OS 2.2.x, iPhone with iOS 4.x (this version is under re-development & will be available soon)

This app works using GPS hence it is mandatory along with text messaging enabled on all these devices.

PhoneGuard in News

PhoneGuard Installation and Configuration Video


I am not sure how this will work if the person driving disables an Internet connection or switch-off the phone. It may send alerts but this will not lead to any immediate safety in case. Why this app named as PhoneGuard when it actually guards the phone user! 🙂

PhoneGuard for iPhone is not available for India.

Apart from these points, I am liking the concept and usefulness of this app, limited to people addicted to talking and texting habit while driving and a nice way to keep an eye on children for that matter.

I make sure to switch my phone to offline-mode while driving and yes, I drive my car within speed-limits. What about you? 🙂

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