Looks like iPhone 5 (original?) pictures are leaked online already! We now know that, we won’t get any UI change in iOS 6 announced in WWDC. So, these picture look promisingly real – yet I am not quite sure, about its authenticity as the meta data from these pictures was missing for me !

This new iPhone is looking handsome and resembles to what we saw, in one of the leaked iPhone 5 videos recently. The pictures below do show the new Micro USB port & change in headphone jack location.

Here is the iPhone 5 Video

Here are the iPhone 5 leaked photos

iPhone 5 leaked photo 1

iPhone 5 leaked photo 3

iPhone 5 leaked photo 3

iPhone 5 leaked photo 4

If these pictures are to be believed – the back-side will offer a nice & firm grip over the larger-sized iPhone 5.

Update: This is a 3D model

As suspected, these aren’t the original pictures, in fact – this is a 3D model rendered using Rhinoceros 3D and are based on leaked pictures or videos available on the Internet! Pretty good job, eh? The creator Martin uit Utrecht has posted these pictures on Flickr. Enjoy these hi-resolution artworks!

What do you think of these pictures? Do share your views, I am eager to know 🙂


  1. OHH NO… big big heartbreak for those who has iphone docks / speakers and othre charging related stuff… this one has smller charging port.. so now accessory industry will come up with ADAPTER n stuff like that.. al this if THIS VDO NOT FAKE though! but i like abt this one is NO BACK GLASS!!… such a waste that was! :/


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