iPhone: Get Real Time Cellular and WiFi Data Usage and Alerts

We were using Internet only on Desktops and Laptops but lately things have changed a lot. Now, we carry Internet in our pocket via our mobile devices. It was WAP to start with then came GPRS and now WiFi & 3G.

Most of these are having limited usage plans includes 2G and 3G networks where we pay for specific data usage, size on per Day, Week or Monthly basis. Staring from 500 MB to 10GB etc. It was difficult (or near impossible) to track data usage according these plans through iPhone’s Cellular Network Data usage under Settings App. It only shows the total size of incoming & outgoing connections for as long as – until you reset it.

But there is a solution provided by developer Kartik Patel to this problem (and I am writing again about the top rated app only :))

Data Usage is that particular internet usage app you might be looking forward to track Cellular or WiFi data size in real-time and according to your plan on per Day, Week or Monthly basis. You can be sure of not exceeding your data plan limits and no need to worry about extra usage. And this app is not expensive at all.

What is Data Usage app?

This app features, most advanced data usage tracking engine, which is more precise than any other app out there. This is the only app that constantly monitors your usage and average usage plan on same progress bar.

Data Usage app Features

  • Brand new user interface, icon, settings and help section (new!)
  • Monthly, weekly and daily quota limits (new!)
  • Separate cellular and WI-Fi billing cycle and quota settings (new!)
  • Customize progress bar, data unit and launch settings (new!)
  • Monitor usage as an app badge without ever opening up again (new!)
  • Universal application – don’t need to buy iPad version separately (new!)
  • The progress bar turns yellow indicating caution on crossing Avg. Usage (new!)
  • No need to run app before reboot as usage is updated in the background every 10 minutes* (new!)
  • Background update DO NOT kill battery unlike DataMan and Download meter apps* (new!)
  • Reads data usage from device no carrier login needed.
  • Works with ANY phone carrier around the world.
  • Track data hog application by checking since the last run counter
  • Continuous background data usage monitoring & Geo-tagging*
  • Real-time customizable alerts on exceeding certain usage**
  • Billing period data usage and Avg. Data usage on same progress bar
  • More precise data tracking engine.
  • Auto reset on billing period end*
  • Notification to rest on the billing period end for non-multitasking device**
  • Simple setup – just enter billing period and quota
  • Predictive data usage analysis – estimates likely billing cycle usage based on current usage.
  • Shows remaining days, quota and quota per day in easy to read format.
  • Suggested usage – suggests daily usage based on current consumption.
  • Last place data used.
  • Works with iPhone/iPod running IOS 3
  • Email support from within app.
  • Full user help included with the app.


Look at the areas marked in Red. These are very handy options available on this app. It shows the remaining days for next billing, bill period and projected usage based on your current usage on per day basis.

Price and Ratings

The data usage app is available on iTunes Store for ONLY $0.99. This app has ratings of 4.5 out of 5 from total 370 received feedbacks. Current version is rated at 5 out of 5.

System Requirements

Data Usage is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad having iOS 3.0 or later


This app is of high importance to everyone using limited data plans to make sure they do not exceed plan limits. This app helps avoid paying for extra usage with timely alerts and easy to use sleek UI. The data Usage app also makes sure that we browse the Internet without worrying about consumption of data usage.


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