iSwipe: Tweak to Get Swype on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Swype is one of the most popular keyboard input method for Android powered devices. It makes typing easier and faster on touch screens., the creators of this unique patented input method, have deployed it on more than 30 million phones across 50+ countries which consist of Android and Windows Mobile devices. They have also produced specifications for iOS devices but due to Apple’s various policy restrictions, its only getting delayed and was never implemented as part of iOS 5 features.

Not to wait anymore, Andrew Liu, developer of iSwipe decided to port Swype for iOS devices through Cydia. It’s under development for since last four months and results have been fairly positive.

iSwipe is still in Beta as many features are still being added and iOS 5 support if not fully tested. Recent Beta 4 version looks impressive. I am feeling excited to have Swype installed on my iPhone.

How to get Android-like Swype on iPhone?

You need to have jailbroken iOS device to install iSwipe.

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage > Sources > Edit
  • Click on Add source button & type in the following repo path


  • Add words to dictionary
  • Faster look-ups with more accuracy
  • Smart Correct – to remember corrections made with iSwipe
  • Bypassing the sandbox
  • Support for multilingual dictionaries


iSwipe: Tweak to Get Swype on iPhone, iPod and iPad

iSwipe (Swype for iPhone) Demo Video

You can follow the developer @WyndWarrior on Twitter.

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