LIVE Ship Tracking Via Android, How to?

Android is an operating system for mobile phones, created by Google’s Open Handset Alliance. As of October 2011, there were 300,000+ mobile phone applications for Android, and the operating system was voted as the top for smartphones. As an operating system or server for smartphones, Android is necessary for mobile phone applications to operate efficiently.

Live ship tracking is, along with cargo tracking, one of the many neat innovations of the twenty-first century. Cargo tracking enables individuals to observe packages as they ship from one place to another. Mobile phone applications (with operating systems as a window) allow cell phone owners to check the status of their packages daily and receive emails and text messages as their packages ship from one city, state, or country to another. This is all possible by way of the global positioning system or GPS capability of smartphones.

Live ship tracking, however, tracks both cargo and shipping containers along with ability to track a Cruise ship. Live ship tracking aids in the tracking of package shipments via oceanfront, in the same way cargo tracking observes the package shipments by way of land transportation (vans and trucks). The Android, like other operating systems, have this ability. All that is needed to track package shipments on the Android is that a person own a live ship tracking mobile phone application.

LIVE Ship Tracking Via Android, How to?

There are at least EIGHT live ship tracking mobile phone applications for Android:

The AIS Live Mobile (“AIS” meaning, Automatic Identification System) mobile phone application for ship tracking was invented with professional shippers in mind. The Live AIS Tracking Mobile phone application tracks ship movements in 100 countries and at 2,500 ports. The AIS Live Mobile phone application also provides the following:

  • Tracks travels of 50,000 ships each day
  • Full details about the status and location of ships
  • Provides 24-hour access to maritime information from smartphones

Package Tracker Pro was created by Minstech and is an all-in-one source for maritime tracking. For $1.99, Package Tracker Pro comes with ringtones and lights to notify you of the changed status of ships (current location), displays the delivery route the ships will travel, provides application support for the Package Tracker App, and even allows easy viewing when going from the PC to your smartphone.

The Cargo Decoder was created for emergency response purposes. For shipmen who need to know whether their ship and cargo are in danger, Cargo Decoder is on the job. This mobile phone application can tell you whether you are soon to encounter a substance that is flammable and/or explosive. The Cargo Decoder can alert the shipmen if or not he is in danger of death, and whether there are any suspicious substances nearby. In the world of terrorism and crime in which we live, you can never be too cautious.

Live Ship tracking for Android comes in many mobile phone applications. All can aid you in some way, and all deserve to be tried, observed, and used for their own unique benefits.

Hope this helps 🙂


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